THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 11 · 5 months ago

7 UNDENIABLE SIGNS It's Time to Make a Life Change


In today's LIVE episode we discuss 7 MAJOR SIGNS from your body and life that let you know you're on the wrong path.

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Hey he go, get hers. What's up. My nameis patrick her well good. To see you again to episode of the pursuit willhelp you wake your potential achieve your dreams, leave a legacy. You beproud of. Listen. We got a lot of amazing things to cover on the showtoday for first, if we haven't met before hi hello there, my name ispatrick corwin, i'm a live coach and found her legacy, life and crater ofthe life by design courses over at petrick cor wenom. Now whether you'rejoining us live or you watching this recorded or hey, you, maybe evenchecking it on our companion, podcast. However, you found your way here, ofriend, i'm glad you're here, listen, so we've got some major things to talkto you about today. Today's topic is kind of big one, the seven major signs.If you're looking for signs right, i got a sign behind me. You can it on thefloor. You can't see we had major flooding in michigan. My studio is kindof a mess right now, but it says if you're looking for a sign. This is itand it's just a playful little sly thing, but let's talk what these sevenmajor signs that your life, just maybe isn't where you want it to be, andhopefully you can leave today with little inspiration to make your nextbold mood. So, let's get right in to today's topic. We've got a couple ofground to cover the major one. I want to begin with seven major signs thatyour life might be a little off if you're just joining us hello, welcome,let's get into this all right number one! Maybe you've encountered this one. It'scalled the sunday belus if you're in a place right now, where you every singlesunday, you show up and you're like o monday, you're dreading monday. That isa sign that maybe maybe it's time for you to read just change some things.Maybe i don't have to do an entire career change, but maybe somethingsmall to bring more passion into your... You know i was watching a stan.The stanford commencement speech by steve jobs may maybe you've seen thisone, and i remember that he went into this and he sang this really powerfulthing about. If i wake up enough times every day, and i asked myself thequestion and my love what i'm about to do with my life right now, and if youdon't feel that passion too many days in a row, it just might be time for achange. So this is one of some of the things that i just want to challengeyou now. I, this is live by the way, go ahead and throw in the comments. If youwant to give this video alike, i love likes. Heck back liking is what helpsthe youtte algoma so really love when you guys do that subscribe to thechannel. If you want to see more, these motivation sunday message make sure hitthat bell special. If you're on you tube to stay connected and all thegreat things are doing, but if you guys want to count blow well, chalk i'llfeature. Your comment right on the video and we'll make this discussion.Do you get? Do you guys feel this sunday blues? What is it if you do?What does it feel like to? Does it sound like to you and how does it comeacross for you? Is it just the energy whatever it is? This is one of thefirst major signs that maybe it's time for you to, as the old adage goes checkyourself before you wreck yourself, all right, let's go into topic number two. This is a big one. This is a sign notjust from life, to sign from your body, something coming from your body thatsays man, i'm having trouble digesting a lot. So if you are popping the tonesa lot, no not now mind you, some of you might have some legitimate medicalissues that are keeping you from having a healthy belly, but for a lot of usthis, this challenge comes from just needing disteenct ant acid build up itsreflux. It's just uncomfortableness. That continuous, and here is what ihere's. What i'm hoping that you hear from me on this one? Sometimes the bally issue is not thebelly issue. Sometimes, what's happening is we're having troubledigesting our life, you feel man that... it's time as like we're, havingtrouble, processing all the things and the realities that were facing, thethings that were going through and we're just having trouble digesting itand our body's giving us a sign. It's like hey, listen, you lif thing. What you want it to beis time to make some changes, not if you're getting that message from yourbody. It's probably for a good reason, and i would challenge you guys and callyou guys to honor that that's coming from you all right now before we gettoo far into all this, i want to share something with you just say you guyshave context of the life during something we do here ever hear at liaslife. I just really believe in honoring the human journey, so i'm going to takea little side step here. I'm going to share my screen here with his. So thisis. This is just a map i share with my private coaching clients. Something ofus is the map of life, but maybe you guys have heard of this thing calledthe seasons of life, and now i come over here. I share this with you. I ijust are interesting where you are in your life right now. So let's askanswer that question: where are you right now in the journey of life orsome of you in terms of these seasons, you're very much in the autumn, theseason of harvest? This is where we reap what we've sown, and some of youhave sown a lot and you've reaped a lot and you're joyful and celebration, thethings and the challenges you've overcome and the things you were ableto achieve it. Putting your blood, sweat, equity, maybe even with tearsinto that, and that's where you are so for some of us it is the best of timesi've been for others, the worst of times. Of course, we just do ovid and alot of people lost their jobs. I mean maybe for you. This is a season or timein your life, where it just feels like you're, not really happy with where youare and you're, maybe feel like little tug look pug from life going it's timefor something new. That's when we enter one of my favorite seasons, the seasonof winter. The season of winter, of course, is a time for change. It's wheneverything the old leaves, and it...

...leaves room for the new to comment now.This is a challenging time for some people, some winters we go throughvoluntarily and some other winters we feel literally thrown into so whetheryou're toss into winter or it's your own winter of your own, making thewinter can be a really transformative time. But what comes after that? Ohyeah is spring. This is this beautiful time of planting something new, andmaybe that's where you are right now: planting something new or maybe you're,just you're entering winter. You feel it's time to enter winter and, ofcourse, we push through all the challenges as we ascend through summer,and we achieve a new harvest season. So, while we're going through all this, ijust want to set that, as context is everything we're talking about todaywith these signs that it might be time. Usually these signs are coming to us ata time of comfort zones, a time of maybe evendiscomfort zones, but were comfortable in the discomfort you. What i'm talkingabout those are the challenges that i think a lot of us face, but i want togo back to these as sist as context of what we're doing yer. So let me go backhere so number one we talked about. One sign is the sunday blues. Another signcould be a lot of challenges with digestion, and you know digesting yourlife number three, this one. I've definitely felt myselfdo. Maybe you felt that as well. Let me know in the comments what you've doneis avoidance or escapism. This is where we maybe drink a little too much to getsome distance or we we eat too much right, so maybe some ofit it's just sweets, whatever we're doing to just get away. It kind ofreminds me of that lenny craved song like i want to get a way t that'susualy for that way with my kids, but so i side that a lot of times we arerunning or we this feeling we want to get out of our life and whether you'redrinking more or you're playing more video games, or you just you're kind ofburning, your time in your life and...'re, not spending an investing in away that you know is going to make a big change because you thinking what'sthe point, it's not like life is going to change and i don't want to get toodeep or too sad or e think that. But i definitely want to call some of thesethings out that a lot of us go through. So, if you're feeling the sunday bluesand if you're feeling some digestion, i your belly, maybe y- u h, m both, butalso, if you find yourself doing this thing more and just to have an honest conversation here. Maybethat's a sign that you should pay a little more attention to. That could bethe major thing that changes things and makes things better, and i just wantedto offer that to you guys now, let's go on to number number four here. Numberfour is, and this is one i have personally felt a lot talk to me in thecomments. Let me know if this is something that you've experienced toit's the squeeze the squeeze. I remember when i was in a place in my life, wherei was not properly processing what i was goingthrough my feelings, my emotions, all of it. I felt this tightening squeezingin my throat like there's so much. I wanted to say that i wasn't saying andwhat my body was trying to tell me at the time was patrick you're, notspeaking your truth. There's some truth that you are not fully presenting toyourself or to the world and you're telling lies, lies to yourself lies toother people and that holding in of the voice tends to create this squeezing. Let me know if that's something thatyou've ever experienced and i personally experience o for, but maybeit's not in your throat, maybe for you. It's in the shoulders may- maybe maybeit's just always my shoulder everything so tight constantly, or maybe it's inyour chest feel like this literal weight on your chest, going throughevery single day. These guys these are the things that we ignore. Okay, theseare the things that we we just we hear, we feel them and we just shove them offand tip to day's message. As anything is, let's stop shoving it off it's time topay attention and give credibility to...

...what your life or god or the universeor whatever you feel is calling to you right now in your life, it's coming atyou with some evidence, come at you with some signs, and those signs aresomething that we should really be paying a little more attention to. Okay,let's go into number five. This is outside of the sunday blues and thebeltis you pass over your like patrick i got. This is my this is my lifeyou're, like you got my life on the piece of paper and that's: okay, okay,avoid in escapism you're, skeeing, lots of tightness and squeezing your chest,your leaving. Your breath feels constrained right, but the really oneof the major signs that life it just isn't going your way or not. The wayyou truly want it to be is if you're, just not getting theresults that you want to get in your life. I mean there's nothing wrong withfalling short of the mark, there's nothing wrong with falling, but it'sgetting back up. That builds the character you with me on that it'sgetting back up that teaches us what we're really made of so wherever youare right now in your life and ever season. You're in.I just want to present this to you. I got two more by the way this number sixone, this personal for me as a parent just persistently in age. We are inthat space, where you just persistently like feeling like like anything. Thecup is just so full that anything any thing else is just going to tip it over.That might be a good sign for you that it's time to get some change going now.The question i'm sure you're asking i'm going to get to this in just a second.So, hang with me the question i imagine asking is well petra. What do i doabout that? I like be geting to start making these changes. I've got yourcover run and get to that in about thirty seconds. Hang with me here, okay,but i do want to make sure that i call these things out. I've got one majorother one, the last one on the list. It's a big one. It might be one of thebiggest one of the most common ones. Again, these are signs that we arethere, but we're ignoring. So whatever these signs are for you, my challenge,you isn't just to recognize them, it's... notice that you're ignoring them-and maybe it's time for you in the season of your life, to say enoughenough. Let's go through the last number, seven big one for a lot ofpeople restlessly, i mean you're staying there, your lane in bed justthoughts constantly in your brain constantly there you're unable to focusyour unable to sleep and, of course, that just affects your next day andyour next day and your next day, and it's this idea that when you put yourhat on your pillow there's something that is not resting or as fenda apple put it in one of herbreak through albums on title in her song, she said the song goes. I don't want to live alife that wakes me in the night. I think it's worth repeating them. Isay it again. I don't want to live life that wakes me in the night. So whereveryou are in your season, whatever you're going, though, i hope that these sevensigns have have given you an opportunity to have a little moment toyourself. A little wake up call a little little concept of what'spossible, the future bul. Let's talk about what to do with it. Now, in aprevious video and if you're watching on youtte, i will i will link it rightabout there. We did talk a lot about the process of making this change onceyou've realized that's time for you and so i'll leave you with this thought, asyou're going into your week, is you're getting ready getting fired up. I hopethat fun. I hope i am inspiring story connected to you. You said wow, i'mgonna, i'm going to maybe get me into this week with some energy, and i alsohope that- maybe maybe just maybe some part of you said i not so not patrick i'm hit in mythreshold here like i don't want to. I deserve better than this and you dodeserve the best, the happiest most successful life you can and we're hereto help you with that, but at first begins with acknowledging some truth,and i hope today gave you some truth to acknowledge, and so here's myinstruction to you in terms of next steps, except one,just put your we've spent some time in building some attention today, put ourattention to a topic lit some awareness.

I hope that awareness stuck with you,hopefully letting those wake up, calls maybe wake you up a little bit, butonce you've had the awareness now, the next part of the process isacceptance for you to say one. This is true. I accept that this is my truth. This ismy experience is what's happening in what's going on, and i also accept thati deserve more. I have a longing inside for me whether you think it's fromyourself, your soul, god the universe, whatever you want to say your own karma,there's something in you that deserves life at a higher level, and maybethat's a major change for you. Maybe it's minor change for you and self care.Maybe it's a made change for your health. Maybe it's a change for you andyour careers whatever. That is for you, my challenge, you be accept that that'swhat you want and what's going to happen in action after that level ofacceptance. Well, that's going to be unfolded for you after he's accepted it,but not until you've accepted it. So listen. I hope you guys got some goodvalue at it today. Little sunday, energy for the sunday sit down episodeof the pursuit. I hope you guys tune in weekly because we got some really coolstuff come in more. So if you want to stay tuned for more of these pursuitepisodes make sure to like this video we love it lets us know. We get a goodjob, hit the scribe button or follow button, and if your i need to make surei hit that belt to be notified of many future content. Listen guys! Thank youso much for tuning in for another episode and we'll see you next week,every sunday at twelve noon, eastern ninn, pacific, we'll see t.

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