THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 24 · 1 year ago

5 Powerful LIFE LESSONS from Popular Disney Pixar Films (spoiler warning)


In today's LIVE episode we discuss the TOP LIFE LESSONS you can use to enhance your life, as learned from Disney Pixar films.


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Up, Hey, go get hers. Welcome back to another episode of the pursuit Sunday sit down live. Addition, we go live every week to give you the big ideas you need to transform yourself, your life and your impact of Your Business. So, Hey, welcome to the show. My Name is Patrick, I'm Katie. That's whether you're watching live or you're watching on our somewhere over there, our companion podcast. We're just lucky and glad to have you here. Our topic today is something that is a bit near and dear to us as parents. We watch a lot of films. What kind of films? Oh Disney, movies, Oh Disney, and repeat constantly, and we've watched them enough. We've watched them so often that we've learned just put them in our subconscious. We know them all by heart, but we know all the major life lessons that each one of these films has to offer. So we'll be going back and forth. Will be exploring some of these major lessons and hopefully this is not just I mean Disney picks are just that the medium in which we're telling this. But well, we're really hoping you guys get out of today. It's just some ideas that will just find you at the right time to not just impact the rest of your day, but the rest of your week, your month. I'm excited for this. Do you have anything you want to add to that? Well, it's kind of cool because, you know, you watch these movies, you're like, okay, another cartoon, whatever, whatever, but it's it's kind of cool to know that they're is a lot of thought that goes into making these movies. So I really like that. But and can I just say there's been times where I've seen like parts of a movie over and over and over again and not seen healthy. For All of these, though, I would call myself, you know, medium to expert level, medium expert level, I would I would say that I might be a super ultra expert at it is. That's probably true. I could probably do a Broadway show where I just monolog beginning to end, all these films. We've watched them in our house for kids so many time. Or if I can't see watching all right. So let's get let's get right into this because this is going to be our five major life lesson. I make sure you stay until the end because we have three bonus ones that were only reveal at the very end. But let's begin here with one of the major ones, Aladdin. I mean, how could you forget a ladden, our child? It's from our chat, our childhood, maybe your child, but a Ladd is one of those those films that really had a huge impact. But it was such a great message, such great characters. And if you're gone, this is just a real preface for each one of these. We're not going to do any spoilers in case you haven't seen them, but just here's a general just of Aladdin, Agriba long time ago, in the past, genies, the land of the desert. I mean, who hasn't seen Atlanta? I don't know. Maybe maybe there some new folks that Wan us here who have not seen it. Still past this. Ye, go watch it, come back, deserve it. Robin...

Williams Classic, Classic Film. But more than that, it really is a human story that I think we can all connect to, of a person in a situation that they don't feel very proud of, and one of the things that we want to make sure we highlight today it's each one of these are fundamentally human story. So as you're watching these, as watching US live, and you go back and rethink on these films. They really touch on something core that makes us human and that's really what we're extracting these life lessons about today. So is we look at a Laddin and you have two stories being juxtapost you're just kind of set the scene. You have a princess stuck in a castle who's miserable with her kind of stuckness in life. All she wants to do is break free of her constraints and get out there and live life she wants to. And then you have a Laddin who's also feeling the same stuck in a life doesn't want to be. And funny enough, they're both trying to be someone that they're not and pretend there's someone that they're not in order to feel some sense of freedom from these shackles and constraints in which they live in. And of course, all of that, I'm going to nerd out on you guys for a second. All of that is also involving this genie who has literal shackles and he's imprisoned by his I don't see. This is not his vow, but the curse or whatever. He has to be bound to give wishes to people. So that's kind of the setting. And just think three people locked in a place that they don't want to be, locked in a place they don't want to be. Want to be something else, and they can you relate? Can you relate to this theme or idea? So here's we're going to call this. Here's the light major life lesson given actually by genie, was kind of the curtain pull on this one. So the major life lesson from Aladdin, our first one, is be yourself. This was the message that genie gave to a Laddin. The whole movie was, man, just do you. Just be you such trying to pretend you're someone you're not. there. The world's going to love you. She's gonna love you if you're just willing to have the courage to be yourself. So what are what your thoughts on? Well, then we see an interesting character twist at the end with Aladdin when he, you know, he's like genie, I'm going to give you my third wish and I'm going to set you free, and then he he doesn't. Right, there we are, we are going this. Well, we just entered Spoilt Terat. I told you, deposit. Now you're back. Okay, man, but the hey, and so he does like a he's gets tested in his character, which is also really interesting part of the story. And then he doesn't set the genie free and where he had prought he is promised to, and so he really does end up, I think, questioning like I am not who I thought I was. But then, you know, he takes it, he takes it back at the end and everything turns out great. Yeah, that's how half I mean. That's also that's also comes from a place of integrity. I think, probably another last week's. You know, you say you're going to do stuff, you say you these are you living what you preach? And in the end he does be himself. He does be him, be himself. Yes, okay, that's number one. By the way,...

...if we're missing any of the ones that personally any Disney picks our film, we can't possibly cover them all today. But there's one that we just don't cover, like, Oh, Patrick, at you, what about this one? Jump right in the comments. You know what to do and while you're there in the comments, Hey, it's one of the greatest ways you can say thank you for all the Condo. There's hit that like button. We like likes, join us. Subscribe to us and hit that bell. If you're on youtubes. You never miss a beat when we go live. We don't make sure you guys are here joining us for all these incredible things. All right, so let's go right into number two. We've covered Laddin. Here we go cash. Which one's gonna BE? How about inside out? This is one of my favorite films about what's going on inside our noggains, all the crazy stuff going on and their kids. Yeah, challenges growing up, and I think we can all relate to this one. Yeah, I had I was thinking about this movie the other day when Emily was she was having some like beautiful life experience she has. Emily is our daughter, because you like, who the heck is emly half? She's on the three and she's having this beautiful experience and she's singing and everyone loves her and she feels so comfortable and so confident and so loved, and I was like, Oh, this is going to be a core memory. And because you know, because we know, between the ages of zero and seven, these kids get all there or programming about, you know, what it means to be a person and how to react to the relationships in your life. So that's why this movie is so interesting, because it's kind of about that without actually saying what it is. That's what it's about, and I like that idea of the core and memory, because I think as if you guys are watching in your parents, I mean you guys know the weight that we carry in our heart and our soul pretty much every single day. Like am I messing up my kids my giving them the life experience going to make them look back on their life and go I felt loved, I felt preciated, my voice was hurt, like all those things, and we go through this experiences parents, and I think the one of the things that this movie points to is how much we all go through, but not just on the external sense, which is really with this movie is about, but the on the inside, what's going on on the inside. and You guy talk a lot about on this show and other mediums, about kind of navigating your own inner world. So, without the without the review, if I could just pull here, I'm going to do a little test here. What do you what would you say the message of inside out is about, if you had to put it in a sentence? Well, you even showed me the lesson. Do you do all the righting of iron, crest of God. I sort of forgot what it was there. You Go. Okay, so the thing that sticks out to me the most about inside out, and whether this is right or not, it's that, you know, joy spends all this time trying to make sadness go away. And Yeah, sadly, quiet, yeah, but then at you you learn at the end that without sadness there is no joy, and you know joy can also bring sadness, and it's like, for you're beautiful. But so it's just a balance of I want to say, like loving all the parts of yourself. Hmm, yes, so what did you...

...did? I get it right. I think you're very close and I love that you had I don't want to take up more things in this but yes, the the major lesson of inside out, according to Disney picks are, by the way, source material. We were getting these things. The language might be a little different, but basically we found out what they actually want. Here's what it's about. Every emotion deserves a place in our heart, and when we spend all this energy trying to to kick out the feelings that we don't want, our blockade ourselves. Well, I don't like anger, so I'm going to spend my life never feeling angry. We're a dodget, avoid it, distract myself from it. Or I don't like sadness. I build up this allergy to sadness and I've got it's like, let's just want to go deep into this one for a second, because I think what's interesting on a psychological level what's happening to us the more we build barriers, the kind of the walls that we erect around ourselves to protect ourselves from the feelings that we don't like end up being the prison walls in which we live, and that's why we feel so stuck all the time. So one of the major lessons we can learn in this movie, inside out is fire, is building a sense of peace within the all of the beautiful types of emotions we feel and had developing kind of an open door policy to allowing these motions in that we spend so much energy blockading. Yeah, what are your what your thoughts on that? Well, I was I was kind of posting about this on my instagram and let last couple of days and it the idea that I was contemplating this week was what are we? What are some of the things that we do to not feel a feeling. Now, I don't want to feel this feeling, and what am I going to do? Whether it's conscious or not, people do all kinds of different things. So in this case I was thinking of a friend who developed sort of shopping addiction, and that sounds kind of like, Oh, shopping addiction, you know, how weird is that? But really what it was it can be equivalent to a drinking addiction almost, or like what's the thing that I'm doing to make me not feel the feeling of that I don't want to feel. So in this case this person shopped and shopped and shopped and filled our house with stuff. So, you know, it was very interesting. And what kind of what am I doing to not feel the feeling? Yeah, that's, I think, at the end of the day, where I think a lot of us find ourselves. So if that's you and that's you're like, oh my gosh, Patrick A, you're talking about me. Maybe this is the video you need to see today. So the major lesson here, from the movie inside out, the major transformative life lesson, is make room for all the feelings. And in curious enough, here's what happens when you stop blocking yourself from the feeling things you're trying to feel. What happens inside of you is something shifts, something transforms, and when you develop this, you might call it a mindfulness or an openness to anger and openness to sadness. I know it sounds like crazy wisdom, but the more you allow these feelings to be inside of... and allow their wisdom to shine through, the more free and joyful you're going to feel. One of my one of my great teachers, Pema children, talks a lot about this, about accessing the space and not not kind of not running from these things and this paradoxical teaching of going into the places that scare you and but that that is that movement is called courage and as we do these things more and more, we develop kind of spiritual muscles or spiritual courage. She called it spiritual warriorship, which that allows us to move through life with more grace and more openness and more freedom. So there's I mean, that's a lot from just one film and just to take it, you know. Yeah, but farther a couple episodes ago, we were just talking about that book dark side of the light, chaser. Yeah, and so our fears and those things we don't like about ourselves, our sadness or our fear or our anger. There another one. Joy. Yeah, joy, the other one discussed. Oh yeah, disguscussed. Those are all they all live in our shadow. But if we can look look at that part of ourselves and say, how does that serve me? Like, actually, how does I'd say I'm a very fear, fearful person. How does my fear serve me? Well, I guess it keeps me safe, you know. How does disgust save me? While keeps me from getting in relationships with people that I don't feel comfortable around. So all these things, like, even though we might try to make them go away, their service in a way. So the things we keep in our shadow, we can sometimes look at them and if we can figure out how to embrace those things, they become less disgusting to us and we can embrace that absolutely, one hundred percent. So let's go into the next one, because let we can spend so much time talking about this one film alone. Ratatui. We there's a special place. We love food, we love cooking in the curwin household. So this one has a bit of a special place. But let me just kind of the context for like rats, to the way. I had to trouble check the spelling of this word multiple times because my instinct is not but that's not how to spell ratted to it. But you think you Google help me, not the Speller in the house, Speller in the house. Yeah, you're you're my word, my word, nerd. The this is the film. Just for setting context. This is a story about a group of rats. Let think it's really started, and I think you're pair. Yeah, they're in Paris, or in the city of Paris, and they live in the slums and they're they're fighting for scraps and they've eat. Are they eat garbage? And Yeah, it's they resolved in themselves. Here's the thing that they've in. This is interesting. It's kind of maybe giving way too much about the lesson here, but they've convinced themselves in their mind this is all we deserve, this is all we can get. is where grass is what we do. This is yeah, this is our identity as rats. We...

...only ever get the scraps. And then here's the interesting thing, this is the part that really gets me. When anyone within that tribe try to break that social contract. Of this is our limit, this is how we think. And the person thought outside the box. They weren't met with joy. They just provided the keys of the kingdom that lakes in the whole new level. This person was met with skepticism. This person was met with resistance. Oh what do you what are you doing? Breaking the wall, breaking the construct, breaking the limiting belief? Oh, we gotta fix you and get you back into our way of thinking. And isn't doesn't that happen if you ever tried to go after a big goal or big dream, and I'm not pointing any fingers up, but there's usually someone in your life who will come from place of love and say that, pointing at you, by the way, who comes from a place of all this, like, I don't know, maybe that's too big for you, or maybe you should drop it down a couple notches. Are you sure you want to do that? At sends the sound very safe. They're going to say for you you're back in a little bit. Even your even your like professional advisors, will maybe give you that advice, like your school counselor but be like, HMM, no, it sounds a little let's think about a little more realist. That's all. What's down a little bit for you. That's Super Sad. Yeah, anyway. So this, this is the context of this film, and this rat loves food, has his new idea and watches this beautiful voice. And, by the way, this is another thing I want to point out real quick. One of the major cares, one of my favorite characters in this film is actually the chef who speaks to him in his mind right, and he always says he's always hearing these messages. You can do it, you can do anything, anyone can be a chef, and he hears this new philosophy and this new philosophy, as more he listens to it, the more it answers his subconscious mind and the more it becomes his voice, and then he starts telling himself and the people, you can do it, you can do it. I find that so beautiful about this movie, Ratatoui that that message is there and I can I can think of so many people in my life who have been that person for me who, at a time when I need to hear it most, came along and said, Patrick, you can do it, I believe in you. You can do anything. You've set your mind to. Those people include my parents, my friends. So thank you to everyone who believed in me enough to say hey, doesn't matter he came from, you could do this thing, which actually brings me to the major lesson of Ratatui, which I absolutely love. Germ roll. Don't let your history dictate your future. It doesn't matter where you come from, your backstory, the things that happen to you do not define you. What defined you is the bold action you take today. So maybe you needed to hear that. Maybe you just agree with them and you're like, no, we gotta remember all the terrible stuff that happened to us or whatever. But Let us know in the Commons. Blow if you they prefer a crap. Let us know if we miss any of the major lessons that you love from these films we've covered so far, and your thoughts on Ratitui before we move on to the next love the movie? Love it? No, it's just a super...

...popular one. I don't think it got the credit that it know I don't get so good. I think I'm watch to watch it, go back and watch it go back way till I can watch it today. All right, that was number three hundred and number four, finding Nemo. Oh my God, we've watched this so many times. When it came out we watched it and that was what like fifteen years ago? I think I watched it even before we had kids, and then William was born and then we watched it five million times and now it's back on. Now it's back on all over again. Of course I can. I just say the favorite line is don't touch the butt. Whenever that line can be pulled out in my house it's pulled out with giggles. We don't touch the butt, don't touch the butt. Sorry, sorry, I would wells like. It's like you just gave me like a it's like a top. You just tossed a joke at me and I was like, Oh, I've got aroun with this one that might resist. It's family show, after all, family shop. So if you if you never, if you haven't seen Funny Nemo, I'm just going to wonder what's wrong with you at this point. But if you haven't seen again, this is great. Up to you to go watch you again or rewatch it. Setting context ocean. We're in the ocean and there's fish. Welcome to it is the Col Reef and there's these two major characters, Marlin, the dad and Nemo the fish. At this point not can reveal, dude to pop potential spoilers, what happened to mom, but we'll come back to that. So typical Disney, typically stuff, so element every day. They go in and out, in and out of the scene. Then them and knee. That's what joke for the movie, If you don't know why I said it that way. And the father, Marlin, is very concerned and scared for his son. And it turns out, turns out plot twist. The fear that Marlin is parenting with is not so much the concern from Nemo as if deep fear he holds in himself. But Bob Bomb. So then the lot of the film is the characters navigating their fear, navigating what they think is possible and pushing into the vast deep, sometimes dark unknown, and that's really the main setting for this movie. So, MMM, and never giving up and just showing courage. Yes, no matter who you are, Marlin shows courage and Dory shows courage and so does Nemo. They all are very courageous and they're all very scared to like scared in their own way. Yes, Nemo because he's a kid, and Marlin because he has all these, you know, deep seated neurotic fears, and Dori because she can can't remember anything. You're already say. All the characters have that thing in common. You know. I want to pull out something you said that thought was really, really important. You said each character in finding emo shows courage, but you also said in the same breath that each of them is deeply afraid. So let's unpacked that a little bit, because how can you possibly be terribly afraid and still have courage? What? What are your thoughts on that one? Riddle me this. Well, I think courage and bravery are requires...

...some fear, right so, because if you don't care about if you don't care about anything, you're not afraid, then then just do something, you're really not showing bravery or courage. So it's when you're afraid that you can show bravery encourage. It's kind of cool. It's a good lesson for kids. Yeah, I think so, you're scared now you can be bright. Now you can exercise courage and bravery. All right, so let's come down to it. Maybe these maybe you have already figured this that what is the major life lesson from finding an email. It's you heard it actually in the film. They actually say it out loud from Dory. Just keep swimming when you're going through your darkest days, when you're going through your darkest challenges, when you feel like giving up because fear has gripped you or you've done it, you failed in something. The major lesson here is just keep swimming, keep moving forward, because as as you move through fear, as kid you said so perfectly, that's worth. Courage is developed. Fears the arena in which courage has a chance to show up. So if you're feeling afraid right now, that's a good thing. That means you're about to do something really, really brave. So keep keep at it and talk about all these feelings. Who did that? I'm getting all emotional. Speaking of emotional, this next one. It is taken over our house at this particular point. That and one more, which will reveal later. So these are our top five. Again, hang out to the end. We've got three bonus ones are going to be going over. But if you have no idea what this is, this is the incredible, beautiful, stunningly created and everything about it, art style, everything Mowana. Mowana is a story about a family living in Hawaii and come of the origin, back in the day of navigating, and really touches on the soul and spirit of human beings as explorers, human beings as going into the great unknown, and it's just really taps into me what the spirit of being human is really all about. And in the film you have a group of people as a result of fear, fears to get word wow, we're coming out today themes. You have this group of people in the film. I wanna who again they're. Their nature is explorers. Their true heart is that an explore. But which fear has done is that his cage them is kept them tight on their little island and never ever leaving the safe comfort zone of where they live. And and there's one character, Mouana, who dares to leave the comfort zone and every time she's kind of rewrangled back in and like no, no, be here, be here with with us, don't leave. And but her spirit calls her to something bigger and bolder. And that's really the essence of the marrow of this film. So,...

...before we go into the big revealing the lessons, any thoughts on comfort zones and anything about. If you guys have any thoughts or if we have missed anything like what we missed, what film, if we are not talking about today, that you believe deserves some airtime and some lessons, let us know in the comments below. Well, what's kind of cool is that risk we're sort of telling the same story over and over. No human stories. How funny how that works. So and people love these stories, grown ups too, but kids. Kids, for lots of reasons, but grown ups because they they're about a hero, and we love we want to be the hero in our own lives, I think. Yes, and sometimes we feel like we're too afraid or we don't have the skills or whatever, but we want to be the hero so bad. Yes, and that's why I like these stories. So it's very interesting. It's all about a person, a seemingly ordinary person, who's just going along live in life, be it within their restrained little bubble. It's very safe there, and then something happens where they need to test their bravery and test their courage to go and save the day. And isn't that like what we want to do in our lives all the time? Yeah, that that is the fundamental human story. So if there's anything that before we can get further into one, if there's anything, we want to make sure that you're hearing us loud and clear, my friends, today Katie and I are leaning deep into this because we want you to hear it from us. And if we're the fifth person time, maybe you needed five. You heard it from for the people, you just need one more like like the numbers on a lock. You just need that one extra number to get unlocked. Here going to give it to you one more time today. You are a human in living your human story and you were the author of that story and as you write the next chapter or whatever you feel is next for you. And if you feel scared, we all feel scared. We all feel that constraint and every great story in history, and of course all the films were talking about today touch on that. We all go through that thing. But it's what we develop in the process of going after it that's the most important. It's we become. And if we let fear hold us back forever, just indefinitely, man, that's sucks. Yeah, you know, take a take the bold step through fear, and I think we would all find if we did it all the time. Every thing's going to be okay, like it's fear is just a that's just the thought. I mean we're not talking about swing swimming with sharks or actually, I'm not doing that any dangerous. That's okay. But if it's like what's my next my next bold step going to be, and fear is the thing that's holding you back, just HMM. Just be brave and push through it, because imagine what's on the other side. Like, like you always say, if you're feeling afraid, it's because something's on the other side. Yeah, calling you. It's so if you can push through that fear and if you practice doing it over and over again, you keep learning. I can do it.

I could. I could push through the fear and I can actually get whatever I want. That's kind of cool, I think so. All right, so let's do the Moana reveal. This is personally one of my favorite films. I mean, I talked about this one a lot. Anyone who's been on a coaching call with me I probably mentioned Mouana once, at least one. Ti've become who you really are. This whole film has major characters who have lost who they are. They've lost the heart of who they really are. And let me just give you the quick rundown, if you haven't thought of it this way. Moana, obviously, is a character is struggling with her ability and her own strength to be the explorer and the navigator that she is, and she's lost that sense. And I didn't have the supportive family, but she learned to find her courage. You have Maui, who keeps saying things like I don't have my hook. You know, I'm not Aui without my hook, and so he has to learn that he's incredible even without his hook. And of so everyone's lost something. And then to Feti, the main character has lost her heart and she's turned dark as results. It seems like we have this theory that or this theme that we need to have our heart connected to our heart of who we really are and that's the key to an extraordinary life and even more. I'm going to butcher this little bit, so you can step in and save me. Oh Yeah, but Moana learns that she has everything she needs within herself. So she starts the story. She needs Maui. She's like, I need to find Maui. Yeah, and she tells him you will board my boat and do this, you know, Si across the Great Sea, restore to the heart of deefeiti. There, you guys, saved. You. Thank you. And then later in the story her language changes. MMM, and so Patrick take away. So talk about this. So that's good. That's every story has a transformation moment. And in the story again, Mauana, this incredible woman, this credible girl, is looking at her life and she thinks she needs something else or someone else to help or get to that next level. And when she realizes at the end, when everything is at the highest stake, and that she needs to believe in herself, and then what she says to herself and say saying I'm going to go get Maui and Maui's gonna save us and she's going to restore the heart. She says, I am Moana of Montanoui and aboard my boat, I will sail across the Great Sea and our store the heart of JFITI. And then she does. Hmm, Oh, chills. Story, story head, story children love. I'm such a sucker for good story. Maybe you're maybe your story heard at me. I know we're probably like. People are like, what the heck? Why are they so excited as they they failed so excited to do it in real life? All right, so now, okay, we've done our top five. Now we're under our bonus. I don't think we could talk about this in the current household without the film that we are now watching a big Julian Times every single day, and that is frozen. I'M gonna go frozen one. I think I like frozen one a little more than frozen to but we're going to do...

...these a little rapid fire because we can see that we're getting a little little late into things. So bonus number for her, number six on the list of past our top five. Thanks for hanging with us for the bonus ones. Is Frozen. This is a all the story about family, but these two still whole. Really it's about these two sisters and their love for each other. And Elsa's power is ice and she's worn multiple times from different people that beware, beware, because your power is beautiful but it could be used for dark purposes. And the the warning in the beginning is beware the frozen heart. And she goes to this whole film not knowing how to solve the fact that everything she turns terms the crap and then she becomes right here. She becomes cold inside. You know, we go through things in life we, whether it's building walls or building, getting frozen on the inside. She freezes her own heart and act in essence. But really, when it comes down to at the end again, we're at. This is basically a super spoilerville. I'm so sorry, but we're just going to jump into I should have done a warning at the beginning. The lesson of frozen the great story, and it's actually funny enough. All Disney films give away the lesson with a piece of dialog. And here is what it is. Love Thaws a frozen heart, actually spoken by OLAF. He's the one who extracted that. Dora said keeps swimming, just keep swimming, and all off said love throup fought. Okay, say it would us. Love Thaws a frozen horn, and then seate with my tongue to live better. That's frozen. Such an incredible, incredible film. It's great. I'd also got to hear our daughter sing at the top of her lungs and just in the yard, in the yard Carle singing let it go, just let it go. By the way, it's also that could be the little children, girls and boys even, and know, let it go. What do you let go? A your fear boom right there. Right, let's get back into this number seven and our bonus ones. I'll again another one that doesn't get a lot of play. I really liked this one. This one's big hero six, and if you've never seen big hero six, the context is it's built in a DANCYLN called San Friend Tolk, you Frans, and San Franci fug you like. It's like it's like the alternate Japanese San Francisco of the future. And this this one for me, for entrepreneurs, is really really important or any sort of creatives who are building our life. The lesson of this one is you have these kids who are trying to they're smart kids and are trying to solve major problems and they get so stuck in the problem, and that's one of the things that we want to focus on. Tall, are you in a problem right now? Are you so focus on the problem that you just can't see the solution? You're so stuck in that place? One of the things we've learned from this movie, Big Hero six, is the following lesson, and I'll just reveal it right now. Sometimes what you need to do is you look for a new angle, and that's one of the major things that happened in the film, is that the brother, like could say what happens to the brother, but the brother teaches his younger brother, older brother.

He shakes some literally upside down and he says, you you're going to figure it out, just look at it from a new angle. And he's literally looking at the world upside down from a different angle, and then the idea POPs in headios. I know the solution now, and that's sometimes what we need to do. So if you're in a place like that where you just like, I just can't see through this, I can't see round it, I can't figure what to do, change your angle, go for a walk, change your environment, just try to see it from a new space or a new place in your mind and your Neft Mindal estate, and somehow the problem seems to come out last on our list, our final bonus on what I mean what would be? This is a good one. Well, how could we even talk about these? The movie up I talked about a tear jerk. Don't watch without tissues. This one of those kinds of film, especially if you're married and you have someone in your life that you love a lot. This one will get you in all the feels. So many things I could say about this film, but for the sake of time, just going to say be, I mean Gush Beautiful Story of a endless romance and the thing that happens to the main character, and I don't know if I can, we can't go into this about spoilers. The thing that happens to the main character is he loses the love of his life and he feels at that moment that his life is completely over. Hmm, done, good put. So this is a story of many characters finding their way to a new adventure. Something just drops it. All right, hope it wasn't a phone or something. Fine, your bed. It's too he's playing with Ben. So really the the lesson comes down to this, and we'll just close here. The main characters looking over literally the story of his life, like an actual book of the pictures of his life and in his wife, leaves him a lesson. Again. Usually, if you're looking for the major lessons, busy pixs Ore froms, one of the characters gives it away in this case, the wife writes a note in his book that gives him the major lesson of what up is about. In it's this exact phase. It's never too late to start a new adventure, she tells him in the book. Now go have your next adventure right and you got a lot of life live. So if you want a place right now where you've maybe experienced some things, gone through some things and you feel like you're kind of stuck in that chapter of your life, or if you just you're moving into a brand new phase and new season, a new chapter. That's a beautiful thing about seasons. What always comes after summer, fall, what always comes after winter spring? It's the one thing we all know about the changing season. As our life changes, the seasons of our life change, it gives us a brand new opportunity to start a brand new adventure and I think it's something to be excited about. So that's the the major lessons from all these films. Again, if you're if you're liking this content, you want to see more, make sure to hit that like button. Let us know, give us a little feedback. We love little thumbs up. Subscribe to us on the channel and makes you hit that bell if you're watching, you to make sure you'll get notified every time we go live every Sunday. Nine am eastern, right night,...

I am Pacific. Twelve new and eastern. All right, guys. Well, listen. Thanks so much for being here for another episode of the pursuits Sunday sit down. Addition, and until we see you again, made the fire within the the happiest Heights, and the road you travel will be lined with lights. We'll see you, guys, next time. Bye, bye,.

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