THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 8 · 1 year ago

How to Create UNITY in the Midst of Chaos | Sage Advice from Victor Frankl


In this episode we tap into the sage advice of Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor and author of "Man's Search for Meaning," and use it to help navigate our troubling corona times.

Also, I explore how we CAN actually find our way back to each other. But none of that is possible without this one thing...
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It's imperative that we find ways back to each other, that we find the common ground, because right now it's like a seeking you shall find type of thing. If I look for everything that divides us, that's all I'm going to find. Hey, it's Patrick Kerwin and welcome to the pursuit podcast. We give you practical tips on chasing your dreams, awakening your potential and living an extraordinary life. Hey, just quick heads up for we get started. In these special audio recordings of our Youtube series, you may hear me reference images on screen that you can't see or teach a lesson with a drawing or diagram. All I ask is that, in your beautiful imagination, my handwriting actually looks legible and my doodles look, you know, like a professional eimated to them. Cool, you're the best. Now, if you want to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, creatives and people following your inner fire, you'll find the lengths below in the show notes. I'm so thankful you've chosen to spend some time learning and growing with us today. Without further ADO, enjoy today's episode. Welcome back to the pursuit. We help you awakened your...

...potential and achieve your dreams. My name is Patrick and this little gem is part of our voices of wisdom series and I want to share with you something that came directly from Victor Frank on in this book man search for meaning. Now, if you haven't read this book, you should. If you haven't read an expert or a quote, take to the Internet now. Victor Franko was someone who went through the concentration caps in Auschowitz and the incredible lessons and insight this person walk away from, and something that would break the strongest of us, is absolutely should be on your list of things to read in your life. But I say all this in the context of what's happening in the world right now, with the politics and the coronavirus and everything that's happening, with the divisiveness and our country and the sides that it's so tempting for so...

...many of us to jump on. And I want to share two ideas. The first one is, and I can't tell you who said this, but the idea is that on a round planet there are no such things as sides and I think some of us, when we get caught in our tiny little world, it's very easy to get stuck in a singular vision of something, but I single walk outside and US looking up at the starry sky will remind us just how big the universe is, how we are this beautiful but Pale blue dot in the universe, and taking a look at life from that perspective often give us the invitation to look at things from a wider Lens. Speaking of Wider Lens, I do want to share or something with you. This got from page one on nine. By my book standards, this is what Victor Frankel had to say. Live as if you were living already for the...

...second time, and is if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now. This brought me pause as I was reflecting upon our own individual sense of responsibility to turn the tide in these divisive times, and I think, from an awakened perspective, the greatest thing that we can do anything, and I would invite your thoughts on this, is to one seek first to understand before being understood. It's imperative that we find ways back to each other, that we find the common ground, because right now it's like a seeking you shall find type of thing. If I look for everything, that divides us at all I'm going to find if I go looking for what unites us, I will tend to find those things. Finding what unites US opens the doors for conversation. It opens not just doors for conversation...

...but, more importantly, doors to the ears and the heart for listening. And while I want to acknowledge that many of us may look at the solution from very different perspectives and very different lenses, we still need to find a way back to each other. We can never exist as one tribe, one people, you know, taking the hill together, if we don't feel like we are all on the same team, we're in the same jersey, and I know that that becomes a challenge as we looked the ways to move forward. But I just want to give you my commitment to you, to everyone of where I stand on this. Where I stand is from the perspective, as Victor Frankl points out, that we've got this one life and if you were to kind of step outside of yourself and look at your entire life as... a permit, perfective of how you did it all wrong, and then you'd get another chance to do it all right, what would you do this time around? Would you do the thing that you're about to do? Would you act the way that you're about to act? Or some wiser part of you call you towards a new height? Some wiser part of you, more awakened part of you say, yeah, this is what I want to say and do, but I'm telling you there's a better way and I would challenge you, encourage you and invite all of us to pursue that higher road, that the road that listens, the road that finds bridges of connection, because no matter how many times and got your campaignes and how many times we try to stick it to each other, that doesn't change anything other than create more wars and more conflict. We need to put the knives down, we need to Stop Finding ways to jab at each other and start looking at each other through the eyes of connection and compassion, and I think through that we don't...

...need to go through concentration camps, even though some of us may feel like that's where we're headed. We don't need to go through that to learn, because there's so many voices of wisdom, there's so many lessons from history, and I hope that each of us find the time to listen to wisdom to find a forward path. So, Hey, thanks for joining me for another episode of the pursuit. Listen if you like today's video. If it landed you the right time, feel free to hit that like button. Let us know that you care, let let me know that affected you positively and if you want to join our community, obviously hit that subscribe button. And until the next time, my friends, me the fire within me, the happiest Heights, and the road you travel, I hope, is that it's lying with lights. We'll see you next time.

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