THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 5 · 1 year ago

How to Resolve Inner Conflict and Take Action on Your Life Goals.


In this episode we teach a simple formula for overcoming resistance, getting off the fence and making a decision about your future
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Hey, it's Patrick Kerwin and welcome to the pursuit podcast, where we give you practical tips on chasing your dreams, awakening your potential and living in extraordinary life. Hey, just quick heads up for we get started. In these special audio recordings of our Youtube series, you may hear me reference images on screen that you can't see or teach a lesson with a drawing or diagram. All I ask is that, in your beautiful imagination, my handwriting actually looks legible and my doodles look, you know, like a professional emitter to them. Cool, you're the best. Now, if you want to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, creatives and people following your inner fire, you'll find the links below in the show notes. I'm so thankful you've chosen to spend some time learning and growing with us today. Without further ADO, enjoy today's episode. Welcome back to the pursuit or. We help you awaken your potential and achieve your dreams. My Name is Patrick, and today we are focused on resolving inner conflict. Yes, the conflict, the war within, between...

...the two forces within us, and what we really want to see from ourselves during these times of the crossroads in life is. We want to see ourselves be brave. So if that's you and you want to see that greatness come out in you, or you want to resolve a conflict that you have within around a topic or a challenge before you, you're really going to love today. So let me just jump in it. I'm a share something with you. So I learned probably wants a decade ago that really I never thought of my innerness the same way after seeing this simple formula. Here's how it goes. The part of us that wants great things for ourselves wants to say yes to opportunities, Yes to challenge, yes to taking new risks, yes to trying new things, whether that's a new health goal you have or a something you want to do and change in your relationship or your business, take the risk of starting anything new. There is a wise and smart part of us...

...that says yes. I hope you have found that part of you. If you haven't, let's talk. There is another part of you that is in conflict, and this one says but right. This is your inner skeptic. This isn't a bad or evil part of you. It's a natural part of who you are, part of the EGO structure. will go more into ego structure with a different video, but this one says and offers all the possible conflict. But what if it doesn't work out? But what if people make fun of me? But what if we fall on the financial toilet? But right, all the things when we hit the edge of our comfort zone, these are all the voices that just com pouring out. Or maybe it's not a voice, maybe it's just simply a over owing feeling of nervousness. But and then this overwhelming flood of fear, apprehension, concern, etc. There is. This is actually a formula. So here's how the formula goes.

Yes, plus, one part going yes, one part going the other way. Plus, but unfortunately, equals. Know, this is why you haven't seen yourself do that thing, whatever that thing is that you're thinking of right now, lately. This is why you've been on the fence, this is why you've been torn. This is why I keep using quotation figures. I've like why might keep doing this? There is this natural flow within you. So now the question becomes, how do we turn this formula around? How do you get past your fear, the thing that's stopping you how do you overcome the resistance that's been resisting your greatness for a decade or more? You know who you are. This is how we do it. We have to understand that. Naturally, when we remove the resistance and blacks within us,...

...then yes plus yes equals yep, we're doing this. If you want to see yourself turn this corner, here's something you can do. Step one, and we did this in a previous video a little bit. I want to go a little deeper into it. Let's tease out what's going on with that. But that thing inside of yourself that's resistant. So what you need to do is you need to start just identifying two or three thoughts, emotions and just giving them space. They may be saying no, no, Patrick, no, no, that's not what I've been told. I've been told you got to shove that voice down, you got to ignore it, you gotta just silence it out, LA, la La. I guess if that's your personal protis that's been working for you right, has it really helped you get to where you want to go just by silencing it? And even if you got there, what did you have to sacrifice in your health? That became part of that. Yeah, okay. So the thing we want to do is we just want to mindfully, without judgment. This is important, without...

...judgment. Just write out what it is. Maybe it's and just begin every sentence with but just literally acknowledging and tapping into the voice of resistance. What does it sound like? But what if I fail? I hope you write these as questions and not statements, because questions have opportunities to have answer. Statements or conclusions have no room. So, even if it's a conclusion within you, try to at least just put a question mark at the end and see how that goes for you. But what if I fail? But what if people laugh? Or maybe you're thinking of starting a business. Would if no one comes? What if you know people don't like it? Would have, you know, the end up in the financial toilet whatever. There's so many butts that you could put here. Maybe you're thinking of getting back into health. But what if I get injured? Just Jay in there. there.

Now that's again. These are all value, sometimes very valid concern sometimes these concerns are coming literally through the Lens of fear, but we still need to give them space and acknowledge them. Then from there, I think it's important to do some what some have called fear setting, where you literally say, okay, so what if I feel let's instead of ignoring, repressing, denying and avoiding this force of resistance within me, what if I did something absolutely crazy and actually listen to it? I know, I know, crazy wisdom, right. What? So? What if you do fail? What would happen? Well, then I'd have to feel, I don't know, insignificant, not enough, or just said or whatever. In other words, when fear comes in, when the conflict is happening within you, the first...

...need to understand the formula. The second need to understand is let's tease out, let's let's pull out and let's go lean into that voice of fear or concern or the inner skeptic or whatever you want to call it, and let's give it room to speak. What does it say? It says this might happen, and this might happen and that might happen. Okay, so now, if it serves you, you might want to go one more step, ask one more question. Is that true? Is it true that all my friends will laugh at me? That true? Is it true that you will your life will be ruined or whatever? Sentence you right now. Is it true that you might feel bund or sad if it doesn't work out? Okay, well, first off, can you be certain that that's true? I...

...mean, you're you're talking about your ability to forecast the future. I mean, are you sure? How certain are you that that's absolutely going to happen? Now you start to have the real conversation with yourself. Now you start to go back and say, okay, maybe I could take that butt and turn it into a maybe that would be a good progress point. And then maybe you continue to work with and turn that maybe into a I might be ready, and then you might turn I'm think I'm ready into let's do this. I love when I see people turn the corner and to let's do this. Maybe you've had one of those moments in your life where you felt that shift. You just felt the surge come through you of confidence, Bravado. It said, let's do this thing. Then, yes, plus, yes, I already know your future at this point. I already know that it's going to happen, because you've already called off. You already called out all the roblocks, you've already called out all the worst things that can happen and you said you know one. Given that that might happen, I'm still willing... say yes to it now, my friend, you're ready for the journey, you're ready for the climb. So I hope that you learn something today. I hope that it if you do this exercise a poll, something from you and, by the way, if you have any either tips or advice of how you've personally overcome the inner resistance, whether it's creating a procon list whatever, I love to hear you wisdom and insight in the comments below and always, if you if you found something valued today, the best way to say thank you is to hit that like button, and we love for you to join our community, but you can subscribe button and until we see you next time, made the fire within the the happiest heights and the road you travel in line with lights. I'll see you next time.

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