THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 20 · 1 year ago

5 BEST Ways to OVERCOME Creative Blocks, and Solve Major Problems in Your Business


In today's LIVE episode we discuss the five best ways to overcome creative blocks, solve major problems in your business and life, and bring your best ideas to the table. 


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Hey, hey, go got he's. Welcome back to another episode of the pursuit. Will help you awaken your potential achieve your dreams. I leave your legacy. That's you'll be proud of. Hi, I'm Patrick, I'm Katie. Welcome back. Today we are really focused on a topic that's personally near and dear to my heart, which is you have challenges, you have things you're trying to overcome in your business, in your life and your career and you're looking for that Muse of inspiration to come out. And here's like the trick of it is, doesn't actually come out when you wanted to. Look. I need this idea, I have this problem trying to solve and, like we love if the Muse of inspiration, which is be there, but if we could call, if we could call some in it, we at our will. But know sometimes what happens is we're left stressed, we're left stuck and we're left without any solutions that we really need. So today we're going to be sharing the five, our five personal best ways to overcome those creative blocks, get those problems out in the open and solved and bring more innovation creativity to your craft, your business, to anything you're trying to do. So well, before we jump into today, want to set the tone a little bit about which with the Muse of creativity, like this is the topic that's been around for thousands of years. I mean this is a human challenge we can fake ing for a long, long time. I just to kind of look over here on the screen, over here, which is not sharing. Let me come back over here until I actually hit a share button. But if you go back into Greek mythology you will find tons and tons of examples of people talking about looking to write and create and build and just that struggle. And I think, I think I've got the the share actually working on. Let me let me give that a second go. For those of you who are watching live, high are there. It goes. Okay, so this is actually, if you can look over in the screen, this is actually an image of a piece of art depicting the the nine muses. They're dancing with Apollo. This idea of the Muse of art and the Muse of literature and the Muse of creativity in any kind, there's always been these kind of concepts of this idea coming to us and that challenge of how do we summon that type of energy to help us move forward and tay, I'll weave. Here's that. We're going to do this today. I've got five, I've got five, you got I don't know what you're on your lip and help. So we're in a surprise. It's surprised. We're gonna play like a little this is a terrible, terrible social experiment. But please play along with us because again, the question that we're going to be asking you today is where does some of your best ideas come from? And I want to prime you. I don't want to give you any examples, I just want to let the question linger out there. where, when you're stuck, what do you do to find that creative muse once again, so we're going to be sharing some of the things that are on our list and we're play at the games goes like this. There's the rules of the game. Okay, I'm going to you share one, I share one. Wherever we find commonality, we get some sort of Internet point. Okay, okay, and let's aim for and you have to give me a prize. You know, you keep up the Auntie. Fine, I agree. I agree to this. What is the what is the prize, not the prize. How many insynct we need to have? How many? What are we aiming for here? Well, let's go for three. Three, okay, if you heard it, folks her, three out of five. We'll see how far we can take it. I'm going to pull my list here, which I'm gonna you guys can't say I won't look. I don't look computer screen, but I am. I'm actively hiding my list. There you go, for those of you watching live. By the way, for those of you who are whiching wishing, wishing, washing, we should washing. Wish she washing live. Hi, welcome to it. Please jump into the comments say hi. Want to make sure that if you have an idea, share it. We will discuss it live on the call. We ask this question earlier. On socials. We have a couple of different things, so stay tuned the very end because we'll be sharing some community best tips we got, as well some extra bonus tips. So hang with us to the end. All right,...

...check kicks off. Let's do it. Okay, I'm gonna I'm going to go low hanging fruit here. I'm jumping right into low hanging fruit. This is going to be the stuff that I'm going to say how most people would say this one and I'm just curious. It's found your list. Okay, I find my best creative breakthrough block ideas in the shower, MMM, in the show. I'm just I'm just going for an easy one there in the shower. Do you what do you think? Is it on your list? Yeah, it is on the list. Okay, but I have more to say about it. Okay, so do you want to talk more over it? For it. Okay. So this is on my list and I need to take a sip water. Take a sip of water. Book will come back. We're just coming over cold. Just all right, all right, right through, okay, ready. So obviously when you are doing something like you're just so used to it. Like you, if you ask me like what's your shower like today? What was your shower like yesterday, I'd be like, well, I don't know, it's like a shower something I've been doing for, you know, thirty five years. I'm just kind of tune now, you know. Or like using the bathroom. How was it was like every other time I did it? So your best ideas got, I mean a lot of your good ideas come to you in the battop we're doing potty talk to you know, or another time I thought of is just when you're driving. You know how you can just zone out and you just get into that zone, a zone. So I've been doing some reading and research and listening to some podcasts about tapping into your subconscious mind. Let's talk about that. And when you enter this state of meditation or kind of hypnotic state, not in like the weird hypnosis way, but just more of a hypnotic state, you can enter into the theta brain waves and in the theta brain waves that's when your subconscious mind can come to the surface, that's when we can tap into it. So the Theda brain waves show up between sleep and awake. It's that little spot between there. That's when our dreams start to pop in. And so a lot of times we do enter the Theta state, whether we mean to. Like you can work, I you can work on it and you can work on entering that state. So you can tap in your subconscious mind, which is super cool. But when you're doing a thing like driving and you find yourself like my I almost by almost fell asleep, I think that is like the theta brain waves that we just like get into and then and then things will just pop in your mind. Be Like Oh, that's the thing I needed to do. Oh that's the name of that guy from my you know, childhood or whatever. The information you were looking for just kind of finds its way to it just floats up, if it floats up into the space. And that actually explains one of the major things that's on my list. I want to give it away, but it definitely gives a clue to one of the things that's on my list. But I'm cherious. What's I shared number one on my list, which was just that that white noise of the shower, like if I'm blocked in something, it's just like that's when that like Oh, like Ahamments, like I figured it out. That's what it is. What's something? What's Numbe on your list? So I get a lot of inspiration from listening to other people talk. Also sometimes reading articles, but if I can listen to somebody talk about their story or their process or whatever, is the thing. I can't help it but have ideas pop into my own mind, think about my own experience and I sometimes, you know, you have a feeling or an experience and you're not really sure how to put it into words, but then when you hear somebody else put it into words, it lets you know, not that you're going to copy because it's going to be your own experience or worry or whatever, but when you hear somebody else put it into words, it makes my brain turn on. So that's something I like to do, is listen to a podcast or I'm not much of a video watcher, as Patrick knows, I'm more of a listener or a reader. Yeah, so if I can read something or have it come into my mind like that, it always sparks ideas for me. I think that that kind of brings up an interesting point because I think we all were all different learners and we all learn differently and some of us are very visual. We need that visual like I'm, like I said, I'm a video watcher. I'll watch. I'm like Youtube. It's where I go to get a lot of ideas. Of people go to different places, some people like to listen or just live, whatever... is. What I want to bring up again. The question today is where do your best ideas come to? Let us know in the comments below. Hoping the tech is working in all your comments are coming through, but we love to share and feature your ideas live on the show. So okay. So my number one in terms of overcoming creative blocks and find the places or situations where those ideas can come out. I said the shower and you said, just like consider just being out there and just being inspired by other people's content, with its podcast or video whatever. It is cool. But we get a point because I had shower. Oh, you had shout showers on your list. Yeah, I had shower. Get One, because that was the theta thing. Okay, so that's that was what they had a brainwave of things. So they be just joining in. Katie and I are. We have not shared our list with each other and weird true. If we can get see, I don't know, I who struck this deal. If we get three, I get a prize, you, you get the prize. I see how this nework. Okay, no arguments. All right. So here's number two on my list. My number two on my list is when I'm stuck, when I need that creative idea to get to that next level, I will find time to sit quietly for at least ten minutes in meditate. I find that when I just clear my mind of thoughts and sits stillness itself seems to be the plane in which creativity breaks through and I'm able to get to that new idea. I'm curious, if any of you are listening right now, if meditation actually made it onto your list of the things, or stillness practice, whatever you language you want to use, that really got you out of that stuck place where you could start to solve problems and break through into a new place in your business, in your life and all the rest of the things. Did Meditation to make it unders? I don't. Probably don't think it did. Well, you know, I'm not. I'm sort of new to meditation. So but I would say yes because, like I said, I am trying to find more stillness, to look within myself and, you know, unblock these things that I think might be holding me back from having my biggest ideas and showing up as the fullest person that I can, and meditation is a really good way to do that. I agree. So I agree. Technically, I did write meditation on the list as more of a suggestion and the pain of personal that because, yeah, it's a Niffy. Okay, let's what's what's your number two. Okay, changing my space, changing your space, changing my space, let's talk. I sometimes feel if I am in like my work building or even my house, which I love, I feel like I'm a bit in a prison. MMM. So it really blocks me and I don't just staying in the same place for a long time doesn't in lithe and creativity and ideas in me. So I find that changing my space is a great way to do it. Usually it means going outside and taking a walk. Okay, so and you your environment, changing my environment. And the thing. The problem is that it's been super hot. I don't know, I don't really want to take up Michigan. It's ninety right now. Take a walk in the middle of Detroit in the ninety degree weather over my lunch break and come back. I'll sweaty. It's not my ideal. So I usually try to do that walk in the morning, yes, or in the evening when it's when the sun is not so sunny and it's a little bit cooler. So that gives me some relief and helps me change it up. Okay, so changing my environ changing of our scene. Okay, I've got it. I've got a cross over here and I'm just wondering if this counts. Tell me if this counts. On my list. Number four is going for a drive and then there's there's a note by myself. I love you all, but got him a car so I can have some long time to drive and think and process my life and come up with ideas. Does that count? If were s a driving and walking, the essences the same changing. So, okay, you're too you're to on the way to some magical prize, which I will discover or at a later time what this is and have to provide said prize. All right, what else you got? I'm going to pivot back to... Okay, me. So this is something that does not help me. HMM, scrolling social media, and it's weird because I do it all the time. I am hooked on my phone, preach, I am hooked on social media, and so I find that if I scroll on Social Media, it actually makes me dull. It makes me Duller, it doesn't inspire me. Now, sometimes social media is super good. You can find lots of inspiration from someone you're looking at or you're watching a video and, like I said, like I like listening to people talk and but if you are mindless scrolling, spending hours. People spend hours doing it and it's so weird. But got tonight. Can I pause you for a second because you actually said thing I want to call off for a second. That's that endless scrolling on social media dolls you. I thought was the language you use. Dolls you. Can you speak a little bit more in that, because I that I think it's a danger point. If you want to have our best creative ideas. I think that if we're doing the thing that's actually dolling us, we should be aware of what might be going on there. Yes, so I heard somebody say that when you're constantly reaching for your phone, you might be experiencing something that you don't want to experience, like you're having some kind of feeling and you need to grab that phone as a little distraction. Are you going to spend some time just you know, I'm a little I'm a little uncomfortable, I'm a little bored, I'm a little whatever, and so if you can pause and ask yourself, like am I trying to escape something right now? And instead of trying to escape it, just to get this dolling, you know, like drug. Almost yeah, I'm almost you know, it numbs you. What am I trying to Numb by just, you know, piecing out and scrolling on my phone? It's like it's it's like entering into a frozen numb state instead of a productive and liive and interesting state. So we're grabbing that phone. It's not doing anything. So and it's weird because I do it to myself all day. I grab that phone and I scroll through social media. So I'd probably stopped. No note to self. So if you guys are probably stopping, you're finding yourself stuck in your business or in your life and you just need to get some more ideas and your creative work. Maybe maybe one idea were thrown out there is maybe you're scrolling. It might be actually impeding that. I'M gonna share one from mine. Here's this is something. I think. This actually goes to your theta thing and tell me. expeby speak more on this, but for me it's I operate best, and tell me if you're out there and you feel in the same way. Let me on the comments. I operate best in creative windows. There are times in the day where my creative fire is like stoked and there are times in the day where I'm just like struggling to get ideas. If it's early in the morning, right, it's early in the morning, like six, seven am, like I'm I like before the Sun's fully out. I feel like I'm just like I like I should have a jury. I always have a journal, righty, because I got to take some notes on my lab to personal or if it's like late at night. So if they sometimes, sometimes can't you be like, I'm going to bed, I gotta be up in five minutes and fifteen minutes later or two hours. Sometimes, listen, when the muse comes, the Muse comes, you got to run with it. So sometimes, you know the I'll have these ideas. This is I'm getting a little sleepy, little dream when the fade ways are kindy maybe. And I think some of the best advice out there if you were doing creative work and you're an entrepreneur, you run your own business, you're just trying to make the most of your life, is you have to just never trust your memory. Never Trust your memory. Oh my I'll take that note later. No, no, whole it's there while the fires there. You got to take that jot and you show your creativity, not when it comes right that stuff, and I just censored myself. Write that stuff down, write it down, write it down. You know, I was listening to this masterclass with James Patterson, the author who writes all those fees, prolific writer, and he said something. He was like, you know, don't worry about writing your ideas down because if it's a good idea, it'll come back to you. And I was kind of like, well,...

I don't think that's true. That's a lot of nats dams. I don't think that's necessarily true because you know, you could just these ideas come in, you're like, oh, that's good, then just floats away, floats away. It's the way you lose it. All right. What else is on your list? Okay, if this is my last thing, I think we have one more synchronization, synchronization point before you get a prize. So No, I have I this is not going to be on your list, because I can be in my life, because we are very different people. Proclamation, Elsie, looking at the computer does not spark creativity for me, unlike you. I think maybe it does. So just let me let me tell you very I guess. So it makes me just the computer sort of bores me, hmm. And so I found like just sitting on my computer or if I'm, you know, looking at my phone, which is even smaller than the computer, if I can go out, this is something that I kind of do, but if I can go outside, even if just go stand outside whatever, and I can take my eyes and just look as far as I can see, yeah, and see as far as I can see it, it is a physical act that I do with my eyes and I truly think it opens up my awareness and it expands me. MMM. So, Spoo, hold on. It expands you, and I like I want to pause there for a moment, and that because I think that's one of the major keys, is when you were living in a smallminded, shrunken space, it's stress, maybe it's anxiety, maybe it's just pressure from the day, and then we try to push ideas out, quite tivity out, it doesn't really happen. But when we can live in an expanded or big mind state, that's when the stuff comes in. So I love that idea and I just want to like put a bold underline on that one for everyone listening. So it's unfortunate that being on the computer doesn't really enlivee in me or make me feel creative, because I spend my pretty much my whole day working on the computer at my job, you know, just type of type and away, and then when I say I want to get home and like work on my own creative things, I'm kind of like, oh good, more time on the computer. That's just what I want to do. So not really, but a way around it that I've found, that I've started to do. I don't even think that you even know this, but, oh my God, friend, information was do it. I know I'll be I'll be journaling and you know, writing this takes long, long ass time, right. So I would like, I would prefer to type. I'm a very fast typer. So what I do I don't even look at my computer screen. I can type and as long as I have my fingers on the right keys, it's going to be correct, right. So I will just look around and I will be thinking and I will be putting it into my fingers and typing it, and that takes it. It takes the computer kind of away from me. But like I want to be and I wanted to be in the computer because that's where I'm going to say that that's where I'll be able to look back from taking down my ideas or my thoughts or whatever, I look around type and just think about it. So that's kind of a way that I've been getting around m the computer, because I feel like the computer is sort of a wait, wait, around me, hold you down, listen. So if you guys are enjoying this conversation, you want to contribute to it, or heck, you just want to share it out on the Internet job, please feel free to hit that share button. We'd love you if you did. If you did so, I let people know these kind of conversations are happening and that can really addle out of value to someone's life. All right, so as a quick review, let's do a quick review on my list my best creative ideas of things that helped me break through a stuck place, a stress place, just slowly deteriorating space is I've got. Ideas come to me in the shower. Ideas come to me when I'm meditating. These are the things that helped me, like find the Muse. I have creative windows. Is I'm looking at Sorr, I'm looking at my list. I have creative windows early in the morning or relate at night. We're just I can find. I just know if I, if I invest in those times, the ideas are going to come. We do talk about going for walks. I took my driving alone, just kind of the same thing. Last on my list. This is one of the...

...reasons that I find feel myself compelled to get back into health and fitness, and I can't deny it, I find my best ideas, my Aha moments, while I'm working out, exercising and getting into that I guess you call getting into the zone. I'm just like fully present with thought. Only their flow state. Flow state. Yeah, any of those things like that's those are the things that bring out some of my best work from myself, and I'm just curious if anyone else out there has that on their list. Not Mind, I stayed to Thea because I've got some bonus stuff that came from our community that I'll be sharing with you guys at the end, some extra bonus tips, but those are my five. Now we're looking for three synchronization points to get this alusive prize that you are claiming that I'm going to get for you. So I don't know we're going to get there. Let's let's find out. I don't know. I think I said my five already. Then you say five. We're for view Thos, your pay. Okay, my five are listening to other people hmm, speak, yes, or whatever, and I draw in inspiration from them, tapping into the unconscious mind through meditation. So that's where we met. Okay, okay, okay, so that's where we crossed over. Changing up my space, he even leaving my building, going for a lock. Computer work does not inspire me. Neither does scrolling social media. That's it. Okay, that's all I got. So you got some things that don't some things that do. I guess we didn't exactly be guys. You guys can tell us my comments if you felt like maybe we missed the parallel, so that Katie can get get. Okay, so here's the parallel. If we want to, if we want to get the try make fetch work. Hey, let's walking is physical activity. So I do. I do generate some ideas from physical activity. However, if it's super hard physical activity like running, yeah, or really focusing on like lifting some heavyweight, I'm not getting ideas. I am I'm in more of a no thought space. No thoughts yeah, I'm in a no thought space, which is actually beneficial. Yes, you can just focus on what you're doing, but I'm not generating a lot of thoughts at that point walking. Yes, I actually so. This is actually something interesting. Before we kind of share the community ideas here. As paradoxically, from what you just said, I actually find that when I am lifting heavyweights and I can't have thoughts, they have to focus. It's not that thoughts come through. Maybe you guys relate to me. It's not that thoughts come through, but visions or ideas or Aha moments in the midst of that non thinking and the before thinking mind. That's when, for me, some of the best stuff comes out. I'm going to give you. I'm going to give you the walking as a bonus. You can tell me later what special dinner I have to take you out too. Like I want to share some bonuses from the community here. We love you guys so much. Thanks for tuning into this one. I'm going to give a couple shoutouts here. James writes in and says I get inspired by looking at other people's work. So, whether that's creative work or culinary arts whatever, just getting that inspiration so thanks James, for writing with that one. You actually mentioned this one in the extra bonuses here at the end. Is like, if I'm by myself, maybe nothing. But sometimes creativity comes in when other ideas smash up against each other. So kind of being in a I don't call it a debate, but beating an x, some sort of conversation with other people. It just kind of provokes it is it's kind of weird, even if we're not really talking about the one thing. Yeah, that's I'm like, oh, that other idea just came out of nowhere. Yeah, I don't know why. Maybe I heard a word or something just brought up the idea. So that does happen. It does. It's like creativity happens when idea smash up against each other like atoms and then some new thing is formed and then actually it's another one. was basically the it's kind of crazy. Wisdom in this one is not trying to solve the problem. So you actually solve the problem by not trying to solve with the more you squeeze your brain, as I kind of mentioned in our social post, really about we need to pool, like, thank, thank, the more you should force it through it's almost like it's resisting coming out. It's like the more it doesn't want to, but you're like fine,...

I give up, I surrender. There's there's a thing a spiritual surrender, like I'm just gonna go do something else and then or it might come the next day or country, that Winday, sleep after you went to sleep. You know all those things. So it's an ideas come up and sleep they do. So listen. If you guys got a lot of value on it today, we'd love it if you'd hit that like button, give us a little heart, give us whatever you want to give us. Obviously subscribe and follow us on our all our social channels, twitter, facebook, instagram, we're pretty much ever linkedin right now, and and then obviously hit that bell to be notified of any of our future contents. So thank you, guys, for watching another episode of our pursuit live episodes. We've got a lot more amazing, amazing stuff to come from me again. I'm Patrick and I'm Katie, and we love to see you guys the next one. Until we see you again, made a fire within lead the happiest Heights. Can you finish? This went out and the road you travel be lined with life. She's got it, folks, he's got a right guys, will see you next time. By Bye, I.

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