THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 14 · 1 year ago

How to OVERCOME SHAME, self doubt, and become who you were meant to be.


In today's LIVE episode we discuss being ourselves - wildly, openly, and having the courage to put our best selves out into the world.

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Hey, hey, happy Sunday. Welcome go getters to another episode of the pursuit. We help you awaken your potential, achieve you dreams. I lea leave a legacy that you'll be proud of. Now, Hey, if you're just tuning into these live streams, I think hello is it's imporpriate. Hi there, my name is Patrick row when. I'm a life coach and founder of legacy life and creator of the life by design courses over at Patrick rowhencom. Now, if you're watching live, welcome to it. Throw a comment in there, let me know that you hear so I can say hi to you. Or maybe you're listening on our companion podcast. However you found your way here on this beautiful Sunday, welcome to it. So we've got a further important topic we're discussing today. Before I get into today's topic, I...

...just want to call it that. I am enjoying a lovely cup of coffee today. It is from my friends over at DBS. It's a Costa Rica terras terra zoo, terrazzoo, I mean I had this was freshly roasted two days ago and I got to tell you really, really good. We got here drive fruits, Vanilla, chocolate, citrus, I'm into it. Wet At. Today we're talking about another than coffee. We're talking about you, or talking about your glorious, amazing potential and how to tap more into that, to eliminate self doubt, to really focus on those negative self beliefs and create massive turnarounds so that you can pursue your wildest dream so let's get right into this. I'm going to show you, guys this. Oh yeah, by the way, we go live every Sunday at nine am Pacific, Twelve Eastrom. So, if you want to make sure that you never miss one of these beats, make sure to hit that thumbs up, hit that like hit us and joint subscribers on Youtube. Wherever you doing it, make sure... hit that bell, especially on Youtube, be notified of any future content. Now, as I said, today is all about personal development in you. Let's get right into it. This is going to be something that I learned, Oh man, probably a good decade or more ago while studying psychology, and it's just incredible model called the jewel Harry you and done. If you've used Joe Harry Window before, whether you're using in your business, are using it personally, using with your team or just, Hey, for your own personal growth endeavors. This is really amazing. I check this out. So this was it's called the Joe Harry Windows. It was created in one thousand nine hundred and fifty five by two gents, Joseph left and Harrington Ingram, hence the name Joe Har as. They kind of smush their names together. Now, if you have under these challenges with self doubt or just want to grow and stretch your self today, let's dig in. Oh Hey, got a little like on there on my page. Appreciate that. Here the four quadrants. Now I'm going to have a download I'm going to give you... and I'll be making it available in the comments. So and they see if I can just post it in there right now, and while I'll post it, I'll post it in later, but I'll make sure you guys get a link to the worksheet that's going to go along with us so you can follow along. Here's the basic concept. There is a self that you have, that I have, the we all have, that is open to the world. This is the self we're proud of. This is a self that you and everyone else knows maybe even celebrates. This is your strengths, your gifts, your passion, thing that you openly put out in the world that you know and everyone else knows about. To the beauty of this is you get to live open and free. This is the person that I hope you're probably saying yourself, whatever age you are, this is the person I spend most of my time. If you can say that, you're really living in extraordinary life. Now there's some other parts of us that are maybe not so to other people, and this is really what I want to focus in on today. There is a hidden self. This is the self that you know...

...about that maybe other people don't know so much about. Now let me just kind of come back on this per second. This, this hidden self, is probably it could be your passions, it could be your interest, it could be your strengths. I know so many people, and maybe you know something like this. They're doing this incredible thing in the world and they don't tell anyone about it, or they have these gifts and then you see one day and you're like, I had no idea you could play piano like that. I just the thing I do. There's this these things that we have. Hey, thanks for liking the Stream. I appreciate Katie. Anytime you guys like the Stream, you're gonna get a little hands up for me. Thank you so much for giving that a pushing the test. For those of you just tuning into the Stream, we are talking about the hidden parts of ourselves, pulling that out to bring it boldly into the world. So, going back to this, you have this open self. It's person that you and O There's know, the hidden self of the person that you know that maybe you keep from others. We can talk a little labor why did, why are you keeping your greatness? But let's go further into the MODEL, this Joe Harrey Window. Then there is interesting part. This is where really...

...starts to get juicee. The blind self. This is the person that others know that you keep from yourself. Sorry that others know that you keep from yourself. So in this way you have other people know stuff about you, maybe good stuff, maybe not so great stuff. Maybe others know you to be the hot tempered one, but you kind of keep that information. You deny that information from you on consciousness. Or maybe others know you to be incredibly talented in a certain area, brilliant even they see it, but you don't see it. This is where our friends are loved ones of people that care about us most. Maybe even a coach you're working with can really how kind of tease out some of that inner greatness to help us see all the beauty and ratings to other people see. So let me just pause here for a moment. Is there a part of yourself that you can think about right now that other people might see in you that you deny yourself seeing the good... the bad? Right, these are the parts that some of us in Carl Young called them the shadow, the aspects that we keep hidden from ourselves. And what we find and we study the unconscious is that when we are able to tap into, boldly, bravely, the parts of us that we hide from ourselves, that's when we find our greatest strength, that's we found our greatest light. So if you can just think about right now, if you were willing to have a conversation with a friend and say hey, tell me just three things that you think are great about me and just and all. That sounds crazy, but let me ask that question. If you were take that question and bring it to twenty of your friends, be very curious the things that other people might see that you don't see in yourself. That's really the the conversation of it is as a previous animation. That's the really the conversation. Today we got one more piece of the puzzle. The open self, the hidden self, the blind stuff. Now this is the probably the most dramatic one, the unknown self. This is a part of you...

...that you haven't figured out yet, other people haven't seen. It's completely a mystery. Could be skills you've yet to develop, could be talents you've yet to harness or hone in on. It could be gifts or even parts of yourself that just as age. We care to discover more of these things. And so with the challenge today, if you're kind of catching the VIBE, is what we want to do is we want to take the hidden self and pull it more into the open self. We want to take parts that are from the blind self again inviting it into the open door, open door self. It's like Hey, I'm just we're all naked here, or let's just be US right. This is where we start to bring it even the parts of the unknown self start to come in, and this is the life that we really want to push forward with. Like I said earlier, I've got a worksheet for you and I want to give this to you as part of the downloads with today's live session. So, even if you're watching this recorded, I'm going to make sure you get this link. Now here's something.

It's so Katie brought an interesting point. I mean just bring this on screen. Katy says we often hide parts of ourselves because of what we learned when we were very young, hundred percent true, how to act, how to please others, what was expect of us, right, both the truth and our perception of our experience. So, Katie, you really bringing up in fact, I'll give you a little that was that was super strong. Thank you for that. That was really, really great. We do have that these, some of these are learned behaviors, the things that we put in our hidden self, things we know that we hide from other people. There could be a lot of shame around that. There could be a lot of guilt around that. Well, I don't want to be fully out in the open or I don't want to be overly aggressive. So many people I work with had some part of themselves that they experience shame around or self. Doubt around because they're curious. Well, will if I had to, if I brought that person out in the world, what would happen? That's a great question. My question to you is, are you willing to live so open, so bold, so free, that you are willing to bring that person out, or would you like to spend the rest of your life in some...

...form of shackles? I know I'm just bringing it strong today, but let me go back to this because I want to show you, guys, a little worksheet that I put together for you that you're making you available for the download. Let me go in here so we if you guys can see this, which looks like it's actually hiding a lot of the information. or Yes, I apparently I put animations on their mistakingly. All right, in this worksheet, which I'm not going to go further into, you can get in the downloads, it's a helping you explore what are the parts that you keep open the world, what are the parts to keep hidden, blind and UN kind of this unknown, and then working forward to take it further. Let's talk about the benefits of bringing this person out. Benefits to you, benefits to others with a bravery calling out the fear, calling out the concern and also facing the truth of how making this shift could dramatically enhance your life. This is the focus. It's Sunday. We're getting ready for a powerful week ahead. You're a goal getter. I know you living intentionally and I know...

...that you're pushing forward. If you want to make this week tremendous, one of the greatest things you could do is make an investment in yourself, to really pull out the reasons that we doubt ourselves, the parts of us that we keep hidden from the world, and bravely decide yourself without any reservation. It's time. It's time for me, little bit by little bit, to get these things out there and put them in the world, and I'll share the story with you. For a lot of my life I kept inside myself parts of me that I just either a didn't think people cared about be would probably be turned off if they saw these parts of me, or see just didn't know if it even mattered. And sometimes the silliest, stupidest things, like four years, and this is sound crazy, but for years I did not tell people that I practice meditation. I was like, I don't know, I don't people to think I'm woo woo, or I don't want people to think I'm Weirdo or I don't know, but meditation such a beautiful thing...

...and it helps calm me and center me, helps me tap into the parts of myself that I'm often too busy to even notice. But I kept that hidden. Other things, silly things, like my passions, things I cared about, whether it be board game design or how Nerdy I get with computers, or even just the idea that I am a nerd, self proclaimed, self professed high, loud and proud open self. I'm a total nerd about many things, and I know you are about some things too, whether it's cars or whatever. You got something you're dry about, I guarantee it. These things I've kept hidden for years and years, and I know how much freer I now feel just being able to be me, conquering that self doubt, overcoming those fears and living bold and open in the world. So listen as you're as you're enjoying your your cup of coffee today, which I hope you're enjoying a good cup of Joe Today, and you go forward in your day. I want to challenge you I want to call you to think about who you're being in the world and how you can be more of who you...

...really are. The world needs that special person that you are. So, my friends, until I see you again, made the fire within be the happiest heights and the road you travel belined with lights. Will see in the next episode.

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