THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 7 · 1 year ago

Paying Tribute to the Men Who Changed My Life | Jim Rohn, William James, and Jim Kerwin


In this episode we kickoff a new series  called Voices of Wisdom (vow).   We share insights on living an extraordinary life from 3 "Jims".  Jim Rohn, William James, and my late father Jim Kerwin.
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Hey, it's Patrick Kerwin and welcome to the pursuit podcast, where we give you practical tips on chasing your dreams, awakening your potential and living in extraordinary life. Hey, just quick heads up for we get started. In these special audio recordings of our Youtube series, you may hear me reference images on screen that you can't see or teach a lesson with a drawing or diagram. All I ask is that, in your beautiful imagination, my handwriting actually looks legible and my doodles look, you know, like a professional animated to them. Cool, you're the best. Now, if you want to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, creatives and people following their inner fire, you'll find the links below in the show notes. I'm so thankful you've chosen to spend some time learning and growing with us today. Without further ADO, enjoy today's episode. Welcome back to the pursuit. We help you awaken your potential achieve your dreams. My Name is Patrick, and today we're going to start a brand new series called voices of Wisdom, and in this series are going to... highlighting in features some of our greatest mentors and teachers from our lives, from history, from books, anywhere we can find it. I think that wisdom in any way, shape or form is something we should celebrate, something we should honor and something we should share with each other. So I'm going to share three voice races of wisdom for you today. They all happen to have the name James. So this me the wisdom of the three James Is James Has Jim's the wisdom of the three gims. There you go. The first one is this from Jim Rome. We all must suffer one of two things, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. This idea found me right at the crossroads of my life. It was I was a younger, a younger man, and I was looking forward to my life and I was looking to all the things I was going to do. But in front of me I saw a mountain that I need to climb, a mountain of...

...personal development out of anxiety. I was having nerds, I was having about just where I was in my life, and then this idea found me just at the right time. We can suffer the pain of regret, of not taking action, of not doing the things that we know we're capable of, not facing the fears we need to face or we have to face the pain of discipline. They're both going to be hard roads, but which one's going to take us forward? This just found me the right time, snap me out of a trance I was in, and I said, you know what, I am willing to do what it takes to climb this mountain in front of me, and it begins today. Now, maybe you've heard an idea like this one that talks about the paths in front of us and the decisions we have to make in life. And what I would love from you, because I'm going to be collecting power quotes and power ideas from people on certain...

...topics. I'm going to gather them all together and then I'm going to do it special voices of Wisdom, community driven voices of wisdom, episodes. If you have some quotes around this idea of making hard decisions in life, throw them in the comments below. Love to hear him. The Second James or Jim that had a tremendous effect on my life was when I was studying clinical psychology, which is where my background is, and studying the psychology of happiness and success, and I came across William James One of the founders of modern psychology, and here's what he had to say about all the things she's learned and discovered. He said this, the greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter their life by altering their attitude. For me, when this you know, they say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. When this idea came into my life, when my eyeball saw it for the first time, my heart was ready to hear it. I was...

...having some bad attitudes about things. I was looking at my life and others and myself from a lens that was not serving me, and to hear from someone that's primarily that the greatest idea they've come across is that we can change our life by changing our attitude and by changing our thinking, and that just woke something up in me. And maybe you're in a similar space right now, or you've been in a similar space where you can relate, where you just heard something at the right time and it just changed you, possibly forever, because it woke you up from some sort of trance that you were in. And again, if you have an ideal like that, I'd love to hear you share it in the comments. Below. So that was William James, and I've got one more jim to share with you, and that is my dad, Jim Kerwin, and this is a man who, other than...

...known being known for his storytelling in his is fun attitude. This is a guy you just couldn't keep down, and cancer tried and eventually it won. He died from lung cancer in both of his lungs. And in fact, if you've ever wonder why I'm so passionate about personal development and making the most out of out of my one life, I can trace all that back to one moment. My father literally died and took his last breath in my arms. He collapsed and I hell, I grabbed him as he was falling and I just held them there as he passed and I watched someone transform and transition and in that moment it became powerfully and obviously clear to me that we have this one life and we better live it to the absolute Max because it's a gift every single day. And in fact, the way that I came to and not just cognitally understand this but feel it in my bones, was when...

I had called previous to that day, I called my father after his third round of Chemo. Just to check on your casual conversation when Hey dad, how you doing? And I knew that he felt like garbage, I knew that his body was in pain, I knew that the Chemo was tearing him apart and I knew that he was feeling sick. And what he said to me, it just changed me. I said that how you do and he said, you know, I woke up. I one. I was like, what a beautiful philosophy, what an incredible way of looking at this life that we have. That's simply by waking up and having another go at it, because there are people who don't, don't get to wake up and they don't get another chance. I woke up today. You woke up today with with air and your lungs heart beating in your chest. I mean, Gosh, talk about gratitude. That lesson on gratitude and humility that my father taught... was one of the last lessons he ever taught me, sticks with me to this very day. Listen, there are so many voices of wisdom in the world, so many people and authors, Speakers, parent's, friends, neighbors who have said something to us that landed on us at the right time. If you have one of those ideas, I'd love to hear below. But Hey, guys, this has been another episode of the pursuit. Thanks so much for joining us today. If you learn something of value, you took some the way. One of the greatest ways say thank you is with that like button. Of course. We always love for you to join us and subscribe below to our channel. And until we see you next time. made the fire within he the happiest Heights in the road you travel in line with lights. We'll see you next time.

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