THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 23 · 1 year ago

Why it's Time to Quit Your Day Job, Start a Side Hustle, and Live the Life that Calls to You.


In today's LIVE episode we discuss the growing trend in the marketplace of burnout, dissatisfaction in the workplace, and how building your side hustle might just be the key that opens a new door in your life.  

Hey, hey, go gutt's. Welcome back to their episode of the pursuit Sunday sit down. Addition, we go live every week to give you the big ideas you need to grow yourself, your business and your impact. Oh Man, we got a good one today. Hey, I'm Patrick and Katie. You guys, we have some incredible things to go over with you today. If you're listening live, good to have you. If you're listening on our companion podcast, also great to have you. I'll Katie. You and I went to a wedding recently and we had some epiphanies, will call them epiphanies, and we want to share some ideas we have with you. Guys. The the challenge in the world right now is maybe you've seen it, you've heard it. People are heavy MMM and it's not just our experience and look people we talked to in the friends we have. It's there's all kinds of studies that they're galloped at. A big study at a year ago and they just did another. They released it again with the same data linked into these studies. Other people are doing these studies and it's basically coming out the math about the same. About seventy percent of people are burned out, dissatisfied and unhappy with their work and the career path they've chosen, or, to say a different way, they feel stuck in their life. Right now and today we want to talk to you about believing yourself, doubling down on that thing that you feel called to do, not just because you need it in the world needs it, because we need to work on changing this thing. This stats I want, I want to make I want to be seventy percent of people are completely overjoyed with the passion and love that they do. So let's talk about this a little bit. Let's begin with where this story started, with a wedding that we went to. You want to catch everybody up? Well, first it was a most excellent it was a beautiful wedding. It was beautiful, beautiful, and we knew some of the people that were there. Not a but, you know, maybe like half, and it was a pretty small wedding, so we did get the chance to talk to some new people and catch up with some old people who are old friends who we haven't seen in a while, and just people who are older. Yeah, I would say it was actually like the mostly younger crowd, but some old friends, and so we were like, yeah, what are you doing? You know, what do you do? What? How do you spend your time, whatever, and then we did we did kind of say, like people are kind of like I pretty much to hate my job and I hate what I'm doing. I'm thinking of changing, I'm trying to start this other thing and here's what I'm struggling with. So it's like really interesting just to see. We talk to each other a lot and we know what we're doing, but it's kind of interesting to catch up with people who don't usually talk to you and see how do they feel about their jobs and just to had a little more colors. It's not that like everyone would talk to you was like this down dry misery. Some people are their problem is they've kind of fallen out of love with the thing they used to love. Of like, I do this thing and I feel like it could make this impact, but there's this thing that's just making it miserable, making it way down for me, and maybe that's you, me, that's a friend of yours.

Think that someone, maybe it's your life partner who's experience in this right now. So whether you're tuning in, because this is you and you want to get some solutions or you know someone who you're just hoping to get something to give them. Today is going to be a really, really good for you guys. So that's really where the story begins, is right in this space of US absorbing all of this, and we sat down afterwards and we just debriefed on it. Like did you hear when you were talking all these girls? That's talking all these guys, like did you have the same conversations? Like, Oh my God, we had the same conversations with all these different people. And let's just begin here. This is a real problem and we need to do something about it. Obviously we can't solve it for you, but today show is focused on the conversation around it. So we do want to invite you into that conversation. So live on the call. There's a chat feature. Go ahead on facebook, Linkedin Youtube, wherever you watching this right now. Even if you just want to say hi in the chat, that will come through. So we'll see it if the technology is working correctly, and we want you to be part of this conversation that we're going to have today. Maybe some insights you have. So let's begin with what is what a little bit more what's going on in somebody. So, as people were telling us these stories, what were you it's got pivot you. What were you noticing was going on, and where they hopeful that things were going to change? Where they what was the state of mind of most folks? Well, you know, the interesting thing is that a lot of people that I talked to were in careers that they had, like originally, really felt called to do and they are like, you know, I really love the part of my job where I can help people, but there's this other thing that is making me just want to completely quit or try to do something new. So that was kind of that was kind of the story that I heard over and over again. Some people were already thinking of their side Biz or whatever. So that's kind of the basis of who I was I was talking to. Yeah, and I would say this the same thing. I was talking to people on the same line. Some people were very dissatisfied. Some people just felt that what they are doing is no longer working for them. And you're right, I'm hearing a lot about in this age of the side Hustle. Maybe you do have a side hustle. Let us know in the Commons blow if you have a side hustle. Like what's going on and love to promote you and hear more about what you guys are doing. But yeah, that's so thing. Well, you know, I wanted to comment that the we know what we were getting ready for the show today. We were sent you know, trying to figure out you know, we got it, think about what we're going to talk yeah, we don't exactly talked about everything, but we sort of come so much like I hear. Yeah, I was thinking about how a slightly older crowd is who we were talking to. Slightly older, lightly on like thirty five and older. Yes, yes, so we people who are our age came into the job market at a really terrible time when the economy so this is like, you know, I graduated law school around two thousand and nine, two thousand and ten, when the economy was horrible. You could barely get a job. People were making like no money and it was just a kind of a crappy time to be coming out into the world and trying to start a career. And so we were...

...sort of at the point where it was like anything, I will do anything, please give me a job. What do you need? Me To do I'll do it. And then what we've sort of notice in Patrick, he's to work with a lot of, you know, younger people, and I try to save on my age, Katie. Younger people. Okay, we'll leave it at that. And I also speak to some younger people hiring into the hiring into my office and they are much more demanding about their work and the quality of their life at work and what's the company culture? What exactly am I going to be doing? If their face was something, they're like, I'm not going to do that. And it's been very full. Okay, so I say more emboldened. I kind of like it. I kind of like the youre getting a little like hey, this is what I want. You are going to offer that to me? No, then I'm going to vote with my feet and go somewhere else. Right. So, so far US older people we're kind of like, okay, like, I'm unhappy. What am I going to do now? So you know, it's led. Patrick and I sort of have like some different perspectives on this. I was thinking about how, you know, your mindset is so important to getting just getting through your day to day. So if you've known me for any amount of time I probably complain to you about being a lawyer. I've did that for a really long time. I'm sorry, it's just not you know, I regretted my career choice for a really long time, even though it's been very good to me in a lot of ways. You know, I can make good money and that's very nice. Yes, right, but in terms of like my soul's I just don't feel like it's my my great impact on the world is not coming through the work I do as a lawyer. So I've had to really like rectify this in my mind. And so what I have come to understand is that your mindset about the thing that you're doing is the most important, because people can be in really crappy situations, but it is how you react, and that's the thing that you have true control over, is how do I react to this thing that's happening to me? And that can change your whole your whole perspective on your day. Yes, there can be some truly shitty people in your office, just drama. You know you are people are quitting, you're getting you have to do their work and if I'm committed to my suffering, like on the Daytoday, committed to my suffering. Oh yeah, like that phrase. Committed to my suffering, m like I'm feeding the beast. Yeah, okay, I like that. And if all you do is you say this is what I don't like, I don't like it, I have to go. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. But if you can change your perspective, Oh man, your daily experience, it's going to be so much better. Yeah, I mean, let's pause there for a second, because there's we're hearing two different sides of the story from people. It's not like all I love this thing and now I've fell in love with it. Some people,...

...and okay, do you can speak to this, have just come into the awareness and it's at a place where they can no longer ignore it that they feel like they've tooken a wrong turn in life. Maybe they settle I just got into this career because my family was into it, or I got into this path because it was just a low hanging fruit in front of me when I started, or I studied this thing and I said all this money for the degree, so I hey, I guess I gotta go on down this road. So some people feel kind of corraled and cornered into their life right now and that feeling of stuckness any time, my friends, it's not a good feeling and it's some point hopelessness starts to kind of the cement and hopelessness starts to dry a little bit and you feel the weight of it weighing you down. And if that's you or you know someone like that, that is something that I think we all need to talk about but, more importantly, talk about how did change that, because that's the main thing. Is Not just hey, there's this human experience going in our people feel stuck in all this. Studies are saying, Hey, people aren't happy with what they're doing and in some ways we just want to, you know, to pull a rock phrase, muscle up buttercup on it. You like, listen, just put your head down and get to work. As You'r you got a job, you need to have one, and that's true and that's valid and and it is. It is actually really valid. So I just wanted to say there are you know you will do whatever it takes to support your family. Do whatever it take. You will do whatever it takes. If you know you the worst job. I don't know. I guess it would be relative for anybody. But the worst thing that you can think of, you would do it to support your family. And that's what people do. They work super long hours and they will do whatever it takes for their family. So we totally respect that and recognize that and we're not saying kill at all. Just go do something else, because that is truly like it's it's maybe impossible to make that transition. Yes, so, but still, I'm going to go back to what I just said before, is that the way you think about your situation, it's going to make the most impact on what you're doing. So if you can more consciously go through your day, focus less on the future worries, less on the idea that this is my job for the rest of my wherever it's probably not. We can probably do something about it. But if you can just be okay with it and change your mindset about it, even if you are working the worst job ever and it's and there's all the pressure, all the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you can still change how you react to it. That's the sometimes the only thing we can change is how we experience something. Now you we want to go, want to get into the the solution that we're here to offer you today. So hang on, we're going to not going to wait to the end. We're going to get to in just a second. But can I just pivot to you again for a second? You actually have your we're speaking from experience here, you're speaking from your heart. Can you let people know out there what you're just your human experience around this topic is and why you personally, you're so passionate around helping people get closer to their joy, especially in your mindset, but also in what they do every day, and how... little change you've made is made a big change for you. Yeah, well, you know, I'm not going to get into the specifics of the things I'd like and then I don't like about about my job, but there are a lot of things that I don't but I don't like, and what I have come to arrive at is that again, I was just like saying the thing, same thing over to changing my mindset has made the world of difference. But one, one thing in particular that I have done is to start working on something else, HMM, and I haven't tried to substitute my job for this thing that I've started to do. I have just started to do it. And so I have added something to my life. And before you say, Oh my God, I can't add one other thing to my life, I don't have the time. I mean, I'm with you, I feel you. I have the full time job, I have the two kids, you know, I have their needs and I have everything. I feel like just like a typical super busy person. Right, and I did add something, but what it's done is it's raised my happiness level is overall and it's made it easier for me to deal with that crappy stuff that I am not really so, so super excited about in my life, but it's made it like just easier to get through it, and that's been really cool for me and I never would have expected that giving myself something else to work on would be good, but it's, you know, helped something I have noticed that I'm passionate about and I'm really interested in learning about. That's what I've added and that has actually made me better person overall, better at my job and my overall mental state is just way better. So there's two major things that want you, guys, could you kind of gave them both away. So let's talk about the two of them. The first thing that you can do, if you're in that stuck place, is one, instead of changing the job and changing those lousy people you work with, those annoyed instead of changing them, change yourself. Change Your Mindset, change your attitude, try to find a new lens that you can look at it. Gratitude is really powerful for helping you make those us. Writing down the good things that you have also helps you make that shift. So sometimes the answer isn't well, I'm going to have to leave and only when I leave will things change. Sometimes you can change and then things will change for you. The second thing that you could do, and I want to make sure that everyone hears me a lout and clear on this one, is and Kiddy, you said the word so, so just wonderfully, instead of trying to substitute or swap out. Oh, what you guys are saying is I need to quit my job, be jobless and then find this new thing. It's going to bring me joy. Right, that's truth. No Way, that's not good. I need it. You got a good savings and you feel that that's your thing to do. You do you, but being the general vices, maybe, but instead of just bouncing from one place to another without a plan.

It's more so adding something new to your life that you know brings you joy, whether it's starting you do channel like we're doing, or going for a daily walk, getting back into your art, what reading, whatever that thing is for you, working out more, whatever thing that brings you again that full, a greater sense of fullness in your life of the things you know spark joy for you. It's just adding those, those things more or back into your life, especially if you've haven't had them in there for a while. But we're not really talking about a swap or, you know, dropping one thing, but it is about that addition. But instead of just adding, people can actually there's like a boat analogy that you and I talked about. Do you remember the boat analogy of the don't just band in the ship that you're on and the yeah, I say that it is. I say I was like, I don't know if it's top of your miles, like just I think it's mostly like. But the other boat analogy are there's so many boat analogies. Here's how it goes. In the way to think about it is, okay, so you're on this boat right now that maybe is not the most satisfying to okay, let's live in that truth for a moment instead of saying I either need to like burn this boat or jump off this boat into nothing. The idea is on the side just kind of leads us into side hustles. On the side, I Musa Start Building this brand new boat, you know, plank by plank, you know, Hammer and nails and just I'm going to build it slowly until it's big enough. Right I can jump off of this boat and jump onto this new thing. And that takes patients, that takes clarity of vision, that takes a lot of things that you need to get yourself to the place where you even know what you want to build. But starting there is really incredible. So we've kind of ironed out the the main parts of the solution where you're adding something or building something. Let's talk about the benefits, like what if people make this decision now? We talked about the early metric of the seventy percent that are unhappy. It's just about starting small. You don't, you know, think big, but start small. How would you see this changing people's daily lived experience in the will benefits and how it helps them well, I think that you would stop suffering. Suffering is a big you know, it's kind of like a big, bold word, but suffering, we like to use that word when it's like, you know, you have such discontent and suffering with the state that you're in and you don't have to be there. So if we can all move forward to having the more enriching things in our lives are, suffering will just decrease and, like I said before, I think that you'll just become better at everything that you're doing. H Huh, and I'll add this to it. Not only is the benefit that you think about these things and making moves on this, but, Katie, I want to be very clear on this message to you guys, as you start this week, as you go forward into it, and you're thinking about what might be next bold move, what might be that next thing for you, we're asking you to bet heavy on yourself, to double down on your dream. And maybe it's...

...not going to happen in the next thirty days, maybe it's not going to happen in the next three months, but again, plank by plank, you can build this thing. And even right now, and I want to just kind of talk to the people who are in a place right now where they're like Patrick, a guy. I already tried this. I already tried to leave the thing and start the new thing. I just could not get it off the ground. I'm building my art and no one's buying it or it just wasn't moving the way I want to do. That what we want to be clear of. That is not the reason, that is not the evidence for you to give up on your dream. It's US called a setback. That happens on the road of life, that happens on the journey of entrepreneurship. You fall flat on your face. You got to pick yourself right back up. If you have a friend who can help pick you up, do that and get right back on there. And even if you take a little bit of a side, you know, although side quest on your journey, that does not mean that you can't find your way back to the main road where you know you belong. Or there's no problem with trying to build your your dream, let's say it is let's say it's art. Like you said, there's no shame in doing something else to make money to float you. Some people call that a bridge job. Yes, right, a bridge job can either give you a skill that you might be missing while you're trying to work on your goal or, you know, give you the cash that you need, because this is America, you know, we get to build our dreams, but we also have to make money. Yes, right, this is America's you got it, you got a hustle for it and sometimes you don't. If you if you feel that you've tried to make some thing work and you didn't make it work, that does like Patrick said, that doesn't mean the dream isn't still the right dream. Maybe you didn't have the tools to make that dream come alive, like maybe you needed some maybe you have this idea but you don't know anything about business. That's totally okay, because of the guess where there are people who know about business. I don't know about things about business. So if you guys are in that place right now where you want to get ready to do that, and maybe one of the reasons is that you just didn't double down on your dream as hard as you could or something and you holding you back, whether you've got something holding you back internally, whether you've got some external challenges that you haven't figured out how to overcome, you just don't know what that thing is that you want to do. Listen, we're here to help you with that. We have a new course coming up called illuminate over the moon. Excited to be showing this to you. Guys, Katie and I are working tirelessly on this thing. We bringing it into the world. You can go on to a website and get early bird access to it. This is really what we're here to do, is help people find their path and on block themselves in the internal things that are going on, do in order to pursue the life that you deserve. So that's our main message for you today in the overcoming of these things.

If you're feeling these tensions, you're not alone. That's the first and want to make you understand you're not alone. Seventy percent of their human races with you right now with going am I even doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Is this right and is there other happiness for me? And you can start you can think big, but you can start small. Yeah, any achievement of that. And and I just want to end by saying like you truly deserve to keep going for it, just because maybe it didn't work out or you made a failed a couple of times, three, five, I could be you've been working on this your whole life. Don't give it up. If this is your dream, you really deserve to go for it, because what else? Why else are you here, you know, just to to work on the things that you loved. It just makes you a better person, a better person on the earth, a better part of your family. So don't get down on yourself. If you have tried something, tried something, tried something and it hasn't worked, you just probably didn't have the right tools and and things change. But I'm just gonna give you a little hug over the camera. You can do it and you can share a little. Deserve to. That's all, all right, all right, guys. Well, until we see again, made a fire within lead the happiest Heights, and the road you travel be lined with lights. Cheers, all right, we'll see you, guys, next time. By.

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