THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 16 · 9 months ago

How to Stop Procrastinating, Stay Committed, and Follow Through On Your Goals.


In today's LIVE episode we discuss how to end procrastination discover what drives you, and set yourself up to take consistent action on your goals. 

Hey, hey, what's up, gold getters, happy Sunday, welcome to we're a little behind schedule today, had to pick up the missrs from the airport, but I'm so glad you guys are here. Today's show is it's got a big one. We're discussing all about how to stop procrastination from our lives by finding the core motivators, the thing that makes us uniquely different and and sparked alive. So we're going to help you discover what brings you to life, how to get yourself started and going towards the things that matter most to you. Now, if we haven't met for hi, my name is Patrick Kerwin and today is all about you and what sparks you to life. So let's jump right into today's subject. Now. If you're you're new here, I love for you to say hi in the comments. Were alive right now on twitter, re live on Facebook, we're live on Youtube, we'll live on all the things. So if you could jump into the Commons say hello, love to hear from you. All right, let's just jump right into it. So what we've got going on today is we are talking about eight core motivators, the very things that get you up and gets you going. And in order to have this conversation as honestly and as truthfully as we can, I think we need to begin with a simple truth. We're all wired differently. The thing that motivates one person actually d motivates someone else, whether it's in your company or in your team, or in your unique your own business or just in your own life. It's imperative that we find what drives us, what moves us with gets US going. And if you guys know my story, I spend many years not understanding how to get myself up, get myself moving and to get myself to take consistent action. So a lot of what I'm sharing with you today has been my own road, my own personal discovery, but also what I share with all of my coaching clients...

...and I help people find their own spark and help them bring themselves to life. So let's go into these now. Today's going to be a little unique. If you've got something to write with, if you got a piece of paper, if you got like a smartphone to take notes on. This is one of the ones that I'm going to say, Hey, they probably be good if you took some notes on this one. Because this is going to be the one of the ones that is going to give you a lot to think about, and I'm going to ask you to stack rank your own motivators so you can walk away from today session with a clear understanding of what brings you to life. So let's let me look into the eats eight of these. And before we get going again, here's the kind of piece paper, once you think about, once you start walking away with like. Okay, so Patrick, here are the main things that get me up, get me moving. Here's like the cocktail of different emotions that I can tap into. They're going to help me break through Prank crustation and change my life. Things the bottom could be things you might find unmotivating, like so here's. Here's what turns me off, here's what gets me stopped in my tracks, and maybe the stuff in the middle could be the things for you that you know, I could take it or leave it, but it's not the thing that really puts the fuel in my tank. So let's begin with the very first core motivator and as we go through these, once you guys start thinking about what belongs in that that top section, what belongs in the Middle Section, for you and what belongs in the bottom section. Okay, so the first one is contribution, and here's how it works. I'll do it if I know someone will benefit. I like this is me one hundred percent. If someone needs what I have, be pain. If I don't, I'm in and if I can't see the impact, I don't feel a motivation. So think about where you want to put that. I'm going to do three and then we'll come back to this conversation. That's the first core motivator. Contribution. Where is that for you on your list? Number two competition. This is you'll know when you are driven and moved by competition if you'll say this,...

...hey, listen, if there's a prize, if there's a way to win, if there's a spotlight in a way that we can see who's held more than others, like I'm jumping in, or you might say in reverse. If I don't see competitors or victory conditions, I don't feel the drive to move. This is how I probably feel about a lot of the board games I play. Like a listen. If there's not, Oh, if it's just for fun, sis there's no winner, I don't know. I like playing to win. So maybe that's you in that scale. Let's do another one. Community. I think this applies to a lot of people. What actually gets them up, gets the moving and has them see themselves, gets switched on and take action is if there's a support group or a coach or anyone traveling alongside me, then I'm all in. So let's pause there for a second, and I wanted you guys to really start thinking about this. So, as we look at these three levels, the main like, okay, pay Patrick, of the three we've covered, where would you put the three so far in the main category? For you, in the middle, like it's neutral, like sometimes it works, sometimes it does. It's not my main ones. Or is it the bottom for you, like some of you are thriving through competition and some of you, maybe you're turned off by competition. In fact, in case you're curious, here's where I would stack rank these so far for me. So for me, okay, already, give away. Contribution is super high up there. For me, if someone says, Patrick, I need you or you've got this thing we need, you can help all these people, I'll move mountains to make it like. I'm kind of gotta give her. If you got to work with me. I basically giving you the keys of the kicking of beer. You tell me how I can make a difference and I'm there. Community. I move by community, I thrive and community. I just really believe we are better together, and as a coach myself, I absolutely believe in this. It's not one of the things that say it's on my none of my must list, but it's on the it's really nice to have it. It helps when it does. Competition, surprisingly for me, especially when it comes to creat a work, and I don't know if you're in the same way, for me, competition is especially if it's something I'm creating from my own self or...

I'm bringing my artistry to the table. I don't really like competing with other people. In fact, I'm turned off by did motivates me, but it could be at the opposite for you. So let's pause there for a second. Today, case you're just tuning in, we are talking about how to switch on all the switches within yourself by discovering the unique motivational cocktail that's going to get you up, get you moving, breaking through bearers, breaking to procrastination and maybe, if I can use this language, finally getting to see yourself take action on your goals, on your dreams and the things that matter most to you. So let me just say this a little differently. If you have been operating in your life up until this point and you've seen yourself take two steps forwards, one step back, or three steps forwards five steps back. Maybe it's in your diet or your health, maybe it's in your goals and your business, maybe it's in just anything where you're feeling resistance, doubt, hesitation or just not feeling the motivation to do it. That today is all about helping you discover where what really gets you up, gets you going. And the thing that's the most important understands we're all different, we're all wired differently, so what works for one person may not work for you. So if you're running a business right now and you've a team, you're like, I don't know how to motivate this, one person today might give you a clue to that, but also hopefully for yourself. All right, so let's go right back into this. We've got a couple more to cover. We've got number four on the list of the core motivate heres is challenge. I'm trying not to reveal too much about myself here by like smiling or giving sort of nonverbals that would say this is on my list or not. But if I'll do it, if it's hard, that's kind of the hallmark of challenge and I calls some creative force than me to achieve it. If it's if it's easy, it doesn't really excite me. But move there's some like challenging juicing us in there or saying the way, if it doesn't require me to stretch myself or expand my skills, doesn't sound that exciting. I don't really feel very motivated about so challenge. Think about challenge and where that...

...might be in the list for you. Number five, confidence. I'll do it if I know I'm doing. I have to imagine many, many people are in this space like hey, like, I'll, I'll get up off the couch and I'll make that thing happen if I know what I'm doing and where I'm going. Way And now to flip that around. If I don't know the target, if I don't know the steps, if I don't know the Ben's room for reaching, then I don't know how much motivation. Maybe fear grips me more than motivation at that point. Okay, we've covered a couple more and I'm going to do a digestion for we're doing threes. Then we'll do a digestion point change. I can tell you right now, Katie, if you're watching you, I don't. My wife is motivated, driven by change, by by variety shows say I'll do it because it's different than I've been doing or what's been done. It applies to go into the restaurant or going on a date Nie. It's got to be something different, fresh and new. So for those who are motivated by change, if it's not fresh, new and I explored, then doesn't feel very exciting or motivating. So if you haven't seen yourself move on some things, what I really hope you discover as a result of today, and this is kind of the same talk I'd give to a lot of my personal coaching clients. So I hope you're receiving this today, is the power of these now I've already you've been revealing for you guys what drives me, kind of giving some clues to my own motivational cocktail, and I hope that you did that. Yeah, Katie, Katie's verifying everything I just said. Yes, Katie says new, new things. It's site me. Yes, that gets her up, gets removing hundred percent. Drew, I've learned this about you. You probably know it was funny. Anyone Watch me probably knows all of my core motivators right now. But I've to get contribution competition. Let's look at the other ones. Just see where I stack rank and see if maybe you're on the same channel I am. I'm absolutely more divid by challenge. Of fact, it's like a sickness for me. I don't know if you have the same illness I do, but it's like hey, there's this thing and it's tough and everyone else says that I can't do it. Do you want to give it a go? I'm like, Oh, you got you get talking to speaking of... language now. Confidence is another one for me. I'll happily do that challenging thing, but but it's got to be something that I know what the Hell I'm doing in. If it was like a challenge around fixing cars, I don't know how to do that, so I wouldn't really jump into that. But if it's a challenge and it's an area I'm confident in there. Now. Change isn't something that I'm particularly taken away from because, again, I like the challenge. But maybe you're on the same boat is if it's if it's too much change or too unfamiliar, I could take it or leave it. It doesn't really stir the pot for me, if you know what I'm talking about. We got two more to go and then I want to hopefully you come up with a clear kind of cocktail for yourself. Consequence. I'll do because bad things will, or will likely happen if I don't. I think a lot of us, a lot of us are moved to this one. If the pressure is not strong enough, if there's not pain on the other end, we don't see ourselves doing it. So if there's not something lower in my head or a threat, probably don't feel the mode of maybe at to you and maybe at the top, maybe it from the bottom. Let's do one more. We can bring this home. Number Eight on our eight core motivators that bring people to Action, break through procrastination and get going and keep going. It's commitment. I'll do because I promised myself I would. This is about integrity. So if I, if I'd haven't written a goal down, or if I haven't made a commit with myself, if I haven't sign on the line, then my I just don't really feel motivate. If I set it one day to myself like hey, you know, they'd be nice if we did this or nice if we did that, but I haven't really made a commitment with myself, then maybe I don't see the motivation. So my curiosity for you is we as we go through all these is, where do you find yourself? Again, we began this conversation with this question. If you haven't seen yourself move or consistently move on your goals, on your health and your business and your relationships, or just see that... fuel that you can put in the tank to get you going and keeps you going, maybe it's because you were trying to follow someone else's motivational model versus following your motivational model. Everyone's a little different and we're motivated and demotivated by a couple of different things. I hope you're seeing some keys that are going to lock some doors for you. Let's go back into this for a second. So bringing this home here's all mine and I've got to add the last two. For me, consequence actually is in the bottom it's actually demotivating for me if the consequences, the stakes are too high, I just I find myself not as interested. I find it doesn't have as much joy and passion for me if there's too much pain. But for me that's the recipe. For me, if there's contribution, commitment, if I have a confidence in and there's a good enough challenge, you, my friends will see me doing it and that's going to be the cocktail that gets you going. So here's mine. David's chiming in. Yeah, I agree with you, Dave. Commitment is key. I also love Elvis, as followed you. I'm motivated by what is right. Let the consequences be what they may. So I'm going to guess, David, for you, that the commitment belongs in that main motivator list and out. What I would ask you guys to do is you think about I here's mine all put together. Okay, so this is what I've developed for myself. When I coach someone, I help them come up with their own motivational systems. They know how they're wired and how they can get themselves to move. So here's what mine says, if this is like someone that's like that, how do you motivate Patrick? Here I'm giving it away. If someone says I want or need your help with this and my sense of passion and purpose and contribution are activated in that way, with as a big piece of the puzzle, if I have the confidence know how to figure it out, or I just can figure it out along the way, if it's a if it's got a good challenge to it, and if I made an internal commitment to myself that I'm going to achieve it, I'm going to serve at this higher level, I'll figure it out, we'll find a way. And of course what's demotivating, as I said earlier, was too much competition, too much competent consequences. And whether I do it... a group or not, or if there's a lot of change involved, that's you know, it's nice to have, but it's not at the super top of the level. But for you guys today, as we're entering our week, is we're getting going in our lives. I want you guys to really think about this. If you want to show up as your very best this week, this month, whatever you're doing, it's imperative that you know how to turn on all the switches, activate that fire within and get you moving to what you want and if you sell yourself. Hey, just so happens, Patrick, after doing this little exercise, I just come to the awareness that I'm motivated mostly by groups and by competition and by and then the questions will then, sounds like, if you were to put yourself in the right circumstances, you'd see massive action out of yourself. You'd see procrastination finally meet its end. You see yourself up early, stay in, up late and going after it day after day after day. We are all wired differently. The questions how are you wired? And makes the difference? Now I'll leave you, guys, this one thought. So this month for many people on the internets is, and there's many versions of this, it's Leada live every day and August, or posting every day in August, or vlogging every day in August. I, as a result of going back in this kind of why I'm doing this, I'm announcing today that I am doing something every single, every single day in August this month. For next thirty days, you will see me go live, you will see me do stories, you will see me post inspiring messages across Youtube, facebook, instagram and twitter. Expect greatness. Expect consistency because I feel the call to serve you and my contribution is activated. I know there's a challenge. Just thirty days. Wow, it's a lot of commitment every single day. It's hitting all of my commitments. Of course I'd made this commitment. I'm making this commitment to you right now. So I've activated all those things and I know I'm going to... it and that's want to share all of this with you. So look forward to great things from me, but, more importantly, I'm excited to see great things from you, my friends. I hope today served you. I hope it makes a difference for you. If you liked what you saw today and it made a difference for you, please hit that like button. It just helps the channel in the algorithms. Subscribe to us on Facebook, wherever you're watching this on Youtube, and make sure a found youtube to hit that belt. We notified of any future content. Until we meet again, may the fire within lead the happiest heights and the road you travel be lined with lights. Let's see you next time.

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