THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin
THE PURSUIT - with Patrick Kerwin

Episode 9 · 1 year ago

What TIME is it in Your Life? | Making a Tough DECISION at the Crossroads of Life


At the crossroads of life? Looking to make a tough life decision. This one's for you.
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Hey, it's Patrick Urwin and welcome to the pursuit podcast, where we give you practical tips on chasing your dreams, awakening your potential and living in extraordinary life. Hey, just quick heads up for we get started. In these special audio recordings of our Youtube series, you may hear me reference images on screen that you can't see or teach a lesson with a drawing or diagram. All I ask is that, in your beautiful imagination, my handwriting actually looks legible and my doodles look, you know, like a professional emitter to them. Cool, you're the best. Now, if you want to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, creatives and people following your inner fire, you'll find the links below in the show notes. I'm so thankful you've chosen to spend some time learning and growing with us today. Without further ADO, enjoy today's episode. Hey, welcome back to the pursuit we help you awaken your potential and achieve your dreams. My name is Patrick, and on today's episode we're focused on one thing, the cross roads of life and helping you make a clear decision about your future and your next bold move. All right, so,...

...if you're new to the community. Welcome to the channel. We if you want to join our community of creatives and entrepreneurs following their inner fire, then you can hit that subscribe button below and no forget to hit that belt to be notified of any future content. All right, let's get right in today's episode, guys, listen scene of the film. Person Standing at the crossroads of life. Maybe that's you. And this one question. What time is it in your life? My one of my tours and friends called it the clock's question. Maybe it is time for you to change careers, maybe it is time for you to build that next product or program it's going to change people's lives. Maybe it's time for you to lay roots. Maybe it's time for you for some personal development, to kind of you've achieved what you want to achieve and maybe you're not really being the person you want to be. Whatever time it is and your life, my friend, I hope today...

...really serves you. So let's come back to this, this idea of the cross roads in life, like you are here. That's a terrible I'm drawing stick people today, just just the set expectations. Okay, you're sitting here at the cross roads of life and you're wondering. Do I go, doing not go, and if I do go, with what direction do I go? How do I get myself to make the decision that I need to make and take the action that's going to change my life? Now let's just walk through it. I'm a calm the for a's. The for a's the fourth wanting to give you a tip. The fourth one is action. Okay, but how do we get to action? Let's take a look. So you start off here with these four as. The process I walk all of my coaching clients through. When anyone's stuck in a place where they just they don't know what to do next or there's not seen themselves take action. Here's how to get yourself to take action. So let's just call at the bottom on the bottom one is is decisive, consistent action towards your goals, in the...

...dream sours, that next bold move or career change or back to health, whatever you're trying to do now. To get to action, there's a couple of steps actually before that. I know this isn't just a Nike just do it. There's actually a process to get towards where you actually see yourself take action. Here's the first one. If you want to change at this point. The first one is universal rule. Pay Attention. Pay attention to the results that you're currently getting in your life. Now, in our illuminate course, we in our elevate course as well, we do a personal life inventory. We take an inventory of where we are on the road of life and how things are going for us and allow that those wake up calls to wake us up. But either way, step one, you gotta focus on what's going on. You can't live distracted, you can't play more games or watch more TV. The first step to get incredible change your life is to dial in, to focus, to pay attention to the results that you're currently getting,... you're feeling, how you're thinking, how that's how you know what time it is now. Is that always easy? I got to be honest. It's one of the hardest steps to begin to do this immersion or do this dunk, as I kind of refer to it, in this area of your life, that it's the first bold move you can take. Hey, guys, it's Patrick. While I got your ear, there's two things you can do to help us grow this channel spread our message of joy in the world. Number one hit that subscribe button and make sure that you're notified of any future content that we drop, and to come back to that main channel with those beautiful thumbs yours, to start throwing us some stars and, if you're really feeling inspired, leave us a comment. House with the Algorithms, helps us grow this channel and helps us spread our message further into the world. All right, guys, that's it for me. Let's get back to today's episode. Now, let's say you've taken that move, Kay Patrick,...

I'm there. I'm thinking about it all the time. I'm feeling all kinds of stuff. Well, naturally, as a result of directing that energy towards that topic or air of your life, some next a awareness is going there's a there's an end. Let me try. I'm not really good at the spelling when I'm writing E and Ess. There we go. Awareness. It's going to naturally bloom or blossom. If you think about it like your attention is like the water that's being poured, the sunshine is being poured on the seed and as a result of that, it's going to start to bloom. What is it bloom with? Insights, knowledge, information, it could be stuff that you're thinking it could be information and stuff that you're feeling or and what do you do with that information? Is One and I would encourage you to write it down. We've covered some of these ideas and previous videos. A linked them in the show notes below. The idea is that when these awarenesses come out, it's very important that you acknowledge them, that you don't... from them, you don't hide from them. Now, some of these awarenesses and insights are you very inspiring to you. Maybe it's the beginning of that new idea. It's super juicy and exciting. In the instructions to say write, get down, doodle it, don't let it be lost to time because the moment found you and you didn't write it down. Okay. Sometimes those awarenesses aren't so inspiring. Sometimes they're more on the dramatic side. you start to say things like I'm feeling bummed and I'm feeling all these emotions right now. Let me just pause here on this idea of emotions, and we cover this in a previous video and I maybe link it at the end of the video. Here is your instruction during the awareness stage, which is kind of a sensitive stage, if we're being honest, is be with whatever awareness comes out of you. Note it, jot it. If you want to further help with that, you can let me know. Okay, we've done this right the back at the crossroads, ready to make a decision, ready to take action. Our Fourth A. We've focused in on that area of...

...our life that needs that extra TLC and attention. We've built the awareness, we've let them bloom and we've wrote them down. Got Some good insight. Now the pivotal turning part before action becomes possible. About for I see any human beings. Only people have coach action. This third thing happens, acceptance. There's a couple of things that are essential to accept at these stages, and it goes something like this. Two things too major things to accept. One, it's time, because, back to the question we used to ask the very beginning, what time that supposed to be a clock? What time is it in your life right now? And if you to accept that, it's time for you to change careers, it's time for you to get back to health. It's time for you to make that next product. Even if you did, idea may not be there yet. It's just time for you,...

...if you're willing to accept that and there's no turning back from that place. My friend, you're very much ready. That's are taking action. But there's one more thing. I see people do this all the time. They'll skip this last thing and it will come back to bite you, as it's come back to bite me and so many other people, if you don't accept this. Second necessary thing for you to take massive action in your life is it's you. You've got it. You've got the knowledge, you've got the skills, you've got the ability to do this and, if you don't, guess what else? You have the sourcefulness to figure it out, the faith to figure it out. I've done so many things in my life that I didn't know the road to get there. I didn't know, but I knew that it was time and I knew that it was within my ability. I said Yes to the ability within me and so many people. If that's your story, to let me know in the comments below. That moment that made you say now is the time for this to come to life. And once...'ve said it's time for me and I've got what you I accept that I've got what it takes, even if I don't know how to do this. So figure it out. That's, my friend, is when action starts to come out of human beings. When big were at the crossroads and we say should do it? Not Do it? Do it, not do is it time? Is Not Time? That's when people say let's do this, and I hope that maybe this gave you a little bit of an idea, but I get that process going in your life now. If you have some thoughts for the questions, let us know in the comments below. But Hey, thanks so much for tuning in for another episode of the pursuit of hope and Inspire Action Your Day until we meet again. made the fire within me the happiest Heights, and the road you travel you line with flights. See you next time.

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